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Genres: Reggae / Pop Punk / Jazz

Location: Dallas, TX

Stats: 170 fans / 3,581 plays / 16 plays today






Members: Cas Haley, Ben Drake, Brandon Morris, Donvon Clemons

Woodbelly is what happened when long-time friends Cas Haley, vocals and guitar, and Brandon Morris, percussion, joined forces with bassist Ben Drake. With over 30 years combined experience in a wide variety of musical genres, from Ska and Reggae to Jazz and Classical, these young men have created a fusion of sound that is unlike anything heard before.


  • stevesmith62 said:
    Awesome music!! Oct 06
  • sofiasecretnz said:
    Awesome music!! Jun 14
  • Rafaela Borges said:
    Keep rocking! May 27
  • Aphy said:
    I randomly discovered you awhile ago, not America's Got Talent (I can't even remember how...is that sad?? :/ ) but I loveeee your music! Keep doing your thanng :):) Jun 22
  • Mija said:
    Absolutely love love love your music :) Dec 04
  • punkhorror said:
    Cas you are doing great on America\'s Got Talent, Fuck Sharon Osborne dissing you clothes. Who gives a shit when you have a voice that sounds that. I love it, and I love the band. Keep up the great work. Jul 11
  • the_better_nAchO said:
    i dont kno if you guys check this at all.. but cas, you are by far the best guy singer i have ever heard.. if you dont win Americas Got Talent il punch myself in the head and dedicate it to you on youtube. ^_^ Jul 05
  • Barca17 said:
    Very Nice combination of vocals precussion and bassline... Keep Jammin Jun 23
  • MermaidStarShip said:
    Woodbelly is the best band in Texas, And maybe even the country. Oct 04

Cas Haley

Feb 14, 2008


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