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Rock and roll had a new poet. Wrought with vivid detail and compelling story-telling, twothirtyeight was full of infectious, haunting melody and nostalgic musing. Undoubtedly a challenging and progressive undertaking, twothirtyeight created accessible and beautifully macabre dissertations on adolescence and the hereafter. R.I.P.


  • العالمية كلين said:
    This is one awesome songs .Really looking forward to more. Really Great. Jul 10
  • Rafaela Borges said:
    ;-) May 27
  • Eliana said:
    Awesome music!! You guys are rocking Feb 21
  • JasmineCorson said:
    lovely songs... Feb 07
  • itubedownloaderapp said:
    well songs Nov 25
  • kierabarbie said:
    Superb music Sep 19
  • ashleenycole said:
    Lovely song Sep 07
  • lizamartin said:
    Awesome Aug 25
  • Ana Lucia C. said:
    Hello there, how's it going?? I would really appreciate if you check out my friend's music: http://www.purevolume.com/FakeObsession .. Aug 23
  • Honor Glow said:
    Kevin Woerner a good family friend, is featured in this New Order cover that we created for family and friends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWaFPHASZbQ Jan 27
  • candyhooker said:
    I miss you guys. Apr 11
  • 1LT P said:
    Very nice, rather unique pertaining to the lyrics. Like the change up in the beats. Apr 16
  • eXoSpace said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 25
  • KnoCloo27 said:
    Chris Staples... Ahhh... Hey, if you liked twothirtyeight and are completely devastated that they are no longer around... Chris Staples has a new band. Go check out Discover America. R.I.P., twothirtyeight! Jun 10
  • Karpenter's Kids said:
    Hey guys! Be sure to add me at www.purevolume.com/karpenterskids!!!! Jan 13

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