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To Neraew

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Genres: Acoustic / Rock / Alternative

Location: New York City, NY

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Members: Sahil

Sahil here - To Neraew is the name of an acoustic project I started around '04. It needs a new name but for now I haven't put much thought into it. I've been writing and recording my own music for a few years. I graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2011, but I still really enjoy writing/recording, so I try to keep putting out as much stuff as possible. I recorded most of my songs in my bedroom so the quality on a few of them aren't the greatest, but at least they're audible! I self released an 11-track album in '05 called Three Drops Short of a Tidal Wave and then another 4-track EP called For The Passed in '06. Since then it's been nothing but sporadic releases and youtube vids. I get in the studio when I can but there are no albums in the making at this point.

Check back every now and then, new tunes will be posted as they become available. I've got a few tunes that were recorded recently and I've made them available for free download so I hope you enjoy! I'm always looking for feedback on my work or suggestions for cover songs. Check back for updates.

my listener account is "Sahil M"

feel free to leave comments.

Thanks for listening!


  • Karen said:
    SAHIL! Guess who? I really like your recording of "I'll be fine." Thanks for performing for us at David's, you sounded really nice even without the bg beat and drums :) Good job! Dec 20
  • JOSHINATOR said:
    great stuff May 22
  • Sean Rad! said:
    im not gonna lie i didnt like your music at first but damn your good dude haha respect May 22
  • CBrown17 said:
    I have been listening for a couple years. Great Stuff. Jul 12
  • Tessa said:
    This is great stuff! I ♥ it! Your cute without the e cover is really amazing!! Apr 18
  • Sebastian said:
    dude its great to see youre still with this project. youre one hell of a guitar player and keep it up man. take it easy Mar 22
  • mangoBaby19 said:
    so hot. we should totally date Sep 13
  • Khaz said:
    Your lyrics are stunning. Utterly stunning. I love acoustic songs (and plain songs in general) that have more than just a verse and rephrase. So congratulations on your exemplary songwriting abilities. You've definitely won my affections for you music, that's for sure. :)) Sep 02
  • xapu said:
    niicee!! :D Nov 28
  • mostknownunknown said:
    You rock! keep it up. check out The Fallen Hero Nov 27
  • kevinb88 said:
    are your cds for sell anywhere? Aug 30
  • kevinb88 said:
    hey! i really like You Probably Dont Know This is For You, A Bullet To the Heart, and your version of The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows. keep it up man Aug 26
  • Brandy238 said:
    love you guys Aug 07
  • Lena said:
    wow.... Aug 01
  • jmahsheandi27 said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 16

For the Passed EP

Apr 24, 2007

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