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The (International) Noise Conspiracy Pro


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Sweden

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5 tracks

Members: Dennis Lyxzen, Lars Stromberg, Ludvig Dahlberg, Inge Johansson

Spearheaded by Rick Rubin and created in the same Sunset Sound studio where The Doors recorded most of their acclaimed catalog, The (International) Noise Conspiracy's fourth full-length is a bunker-buster of compassion and activism aimed straight for your heart and brain.

Set to explode during one of the most critical political periods in postmodern history, The Cross of My Calling is the sound of a global society steps away from apocalypse. Whether it's the epic title track, the anti-moralism of "Child of God," the neocon smackdown of "Black September", the compromised ideals of "Dustbins of History" or the call-to-arms against overconsumption found in "Washington Bullets" and "Storm the Gates of Beverly Hills," the band's latest effort is packed with warning, and amplified by passion.


  • Jean D. Todd said:
    Cool songs. May 06
  • Fabrice Mericer said:
    Nice songs Apr 29
  • ashley said:
    awesome Mar 28
  • MacGarnett said:
    too good Mar 27
  • teeshirt.slog said:
    i like it May 09
  • CayseySaur said:
    The (International) Noise Conspiracy is amazing, Check out: www.purevolume.com/keepitcuteofficial Sep 07
  • Bianca Fraga said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/castew PLEASE, CHECK OUT OUR BAND Oct 29
  • Rock The Cam - Konzertfotos concert photos said:
    INC yeah yeah May 21
  • Mark said:
    FREE E.P DOWNLOAD! TOTALY FREE!!!!! Hi Please check out www.purevolume.com/kyotodrive for fans of Pop Punk/Emo and download our debut E.P totally free. You will love it!!! Mar 17
  • Kasey ♪♫ said:
    Ooooo... :D I like it! Nov 05
  • said:
    Brazil....why not??? WE ARE WAITING FOR NOISE!!!!!!!!! Mar 30
  • said:
    I love you guys so much! I saw you guys live when you were touring with MCR and I totally fell in love with you guys. I especially liked in when (i think) Dennis took his shirt off, despite it was cold. But it was hot in there. Anyways, enough of my blab. I love you guys. --Myranda Sep 11
    OMG, I love you guys. You\'re music is amazing. Lol, I was dancing to \"survival sickness\" earlier. Yeah I\'m a dork. I\'ve seen you in concert twice. You are an amazing band. The Clubhouse performance was great. One of the best nights I had. K, well I just had to tell you I admire you and your music. \"revolution is only a heart beat away...\" K peace and love, Cecilia May 04
  • calvin said:
    love it Mar 02
  • aka.i.d.i.o.t said:
    this band makes you wanna dance Feb 21

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