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Taylor Swift


Genres: Country / Alternative

Location: Nashville, TN

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Hope everyone tuned in for the ACM music awards...what a great time I had! First time I've ever actually met Tim McGraw too!! SO much fun.

Hey guys...if anyone could explain how to put my music up here, it would be a great help, THANKS!!

I have a NEW VIDEO OUT GUYS!! And as some of you asked, the cutie in my "Tear Drops on my Guitar" video is Tyler Hilton! He's album is also out, go check it out, and stay on the look out for my VIDEOS


also check my music at my website....www.taylorswift.com
it includes recent photos of me and my friends, me at shows, and just random ones too!
and my video for my new hit single!

thanks guys


  • sara&jess said:
    okay even if she isn't taylor it doesnt mean u all hav to b rude maybe she is a super fan or something Dec 27
  • penny lee said:
    She hasn't uploaded any music that's how you know she is fake cause who wouldnt wanna promote their music. Jun 05
  • { third dy } said:
    yeah she is fake.....tottaly fake...wahaha... Jan 26
  • *Savannah* said:
    yeah ur not the real taylor swift!!!! Nov 06
  • TylerMatlStreetTeamFans said:
    Hey please check out Tyler Matl and Download the New Song "Filthy Liar" for free on purevolume.com. Share with your friends and become a fan on Facebook. Oct 10
  • { third dy } said:
    tayloar upload some music so i can hear it!!! Jun 01
  • zzo said:
    hey i like Feb 20
  • kaita said:
    Hey there taylor just saying it's pretty easy to upload some pics!!!! Feb 19
  • Jesse Kratina said:
    hey my girl and i love ur music!!!! i live in the midwest and love ur country style its breakin new buriers and really the first of its kind! if u still need help puttin music up, if u even manage this page anymore let me knw! peace of christ be with u. Jesse Kratina Feb 05
  • Jacob said:
    OH, the good old days when Taylor Swift managed her own page, and was so cute and innocent... haha. I love her music, and she is by far one of my favorite pop / country artists. I only hope that she uses her new found fame and wealth for the betterment of mankind and not horded selfishly for some vain or false pretense. Dec 12
  • yev said:
    hi.... Nov 13
  • richard said:
    hey u are a hit maker Oct 19
  • .:not gunna b on:. ~alissa(: said:
    yeah ur a fake. ur not the real taylor. ur not the official one anyway. stop makin up things pretending ur her when ur nothing!! have a nice life FAKE! :) Oct 11
  • cYrAh said:
    i lOvE yOu yOUr thE bEZt>>>>!!!!!!!!!! Sep 15
  • David said:
    Come back to Canada! We miss you already! Sep 01

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