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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Hardcore

Location: New York, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Sahaj- Guitars, Vocals PJ Farley- Bass Ben Carrol- Guitars Skoota Warner- Drums

For the ancient Egyptians, the name RA signified the Sun God, the shining circular symbol of eternal creativity and life. For the 21st Century musicians who call themselves RA, rock music is the eternal flame – one that blazes across all musical borders and burns with their distinct creative abilities.

RA's first single "Fallen Angels" off their sophmore release "Duality" was the second most added song at rock radio behind The Offspring. Request it at your local radio!


  • Michael said:
    great songs. but the song you have listed as wonder why, is actually Tell Me form the Album duality. just so people know when they go looking for it on limewire or bit torrent...thanks keep it up more albums.... Nov 01
  • PiratesKickArse said:
    you have a very devote fan here, you should get some new art up. you guys rule Oct 17
  • Johanna said:
    do you guys have a myspace? Aug 08
  • Devonshire said:
    I love your lyrics. They speak worlds. Jul 12
  • HyphyMowgli said:
    you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jul 08
  • HyphyMowgli said:
    you guys rock keep it up! Jul 05
  • said:
    You guys are awesome! Your music is more unique than others, keep doin what ya been doin. That\'s it. I can\'t think of anything else to say. O.K. Well, bye then. Bye. Jul 16
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    hey, i really like your sound. maybe i could play you in my next podcast. e-mail me a couple mp3\'s, if you are interested. -Kyle Wallace blue216@rogers.com p.s. my music is @ purevolume.com/kylewallace & my podcast link is on there too. Jun 02
  • tanacea said:
    My band uses this great free service. I thought you might want to check it out. www.scriggle-it.com Feb 25
  • said:
    the police cover rawks! Nov 02
  • reldaro said:
    Add Comment here... May 22
  • rockachika7x said:
    i heard ur song call my name on the game MX Unleashed n now i am hooked.. u guys rock!!! x amanda Apr 08
  • rockachika7x said:
    i heard ur song call my name on the game MX Unleashed n now i am hooked.. u guys rock!!! x amanda Apr 08
  • Kileykm said:
    So which one of you guys am i going to marry?....cause im in love with your music... Mar 13
  • SkeletalDisorder said:
    I feel so compelled to comment. Why eludes me. The fact that you guys are amazing doesn\'t. It\'s wonderful listening t\'ya. Mar 12


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