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Added Dec 17, 2009

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Comments (23)

  • Chavan said:
    Its Good :) Feb 17
  • khayeLore said:
    nice one!!! Feb 22
  • Jessica~Ann said:
    u guys r great, im sooo gladd to finally find a song with my name in it that sounds good, keep up the amazing work Feb 05
  • Rachelle R said:
    Jan 28
  • Sagar said:
    Hi everybody out there. It feels good to know people like Favour who acknowledge the true essence of Love....I hope u find exactly what u looking for, Favour....Love your vision and thoughts....Remain blessed.. Jan 25
  • faith said:
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  • Pogo the clown said:
    In this link is hidden the NEW music. http://genpetsmusic11.blogspot.com/2009/11/url-para-bajar-el-demo.html Jan 12
  • sexgirl2032 said:
    Wonderful http://www.oh-fashion.com/ Big surprises are waiting for you! Jan 10
  • Melanie said:
    I love these guys! Droo had a blast hitting those lights so they would keep swinging...hahaha. Seriously this wasn't what I expected but its better than what I imagined!!!!! Jan 10
  • Phillip J. Fry said:
    this is legit Jan 05
  • a.j.applesauce said:
    this is friggin downnnn. quietdrive is so underrated. can't wait to see you guys in california and make it BIG :D Dec 31
  • Brittany said:
    i am SOOO glad i watched the film clip to this. otherwise i would of never known what the song was actually about great guys :) Dec 30
  • xHOPEinsufferingx said:
    ilove this songggg ! Dec 29
  • Have You Seen Hannah? said:
    *heart* the song and the vid is awesooome:D Dec 29
  • Josh Campbell (September Artist) said:
    anyone interested in some different music, id love for you to stop by my page, maybe leave a comment, fan it uppp, or just come listenn :) i'm also looking for suggestions for cover songs ! www.purevolume.com/joshcampbell ps, i HATE spam, but when your this local, its all you can do :(. Dec 27