MTV Turns 30!

by Maud Deitch Aug 02


Happy Birthday MTV! You may not play music videos much anymore, because you're busy following Snookie around Italy and hanging out with the teen moms, but we still love you. Read More »


Exclusive Download: Tori Blake's "Young Wild Free" Remix

by PureVolume Jul 28


Not only has Tori Blake's "Young Wild Free" been remixed for maximum danceitude, but half of the remixing team was R2K, of dearly departed screamo veterans Finch. If … Read More »


Listen to "August Forever," a New Single by Pop Starlet Molly Moore

by PureVolume Jul 19


Pop singer-songwriter Molly Moore is taking a stab at the time-honored tradition of summer hits with this new single. Read More »


Listen to Every Avenue's New Single, "No One But You"

by PureVolume Jul 18


Teasing to the group's third album, 'Bad Habits,' is a catchy new single. Now fans have something to sing along to as they count down to Aug. 2. Hear it here. Read More »


Watch Paramore's New Video, "Monster"

by PureVolume Jul 18


Paramore's dropped a surprisingly Transformer-less video of their 'Transformers' single, "Monster." Check it out here -- it's intense. Read More »


Watch an Intimate He Is We Acoustic Session

by PureVolume Jul 12


The group performed "Blame It on the Rain" and "Breathe" before a performance in Vienna, Va. Watch the video here >> Read More »


Kina Grannis Debuts New Video for "The One You Say Goodnight To"

by PureVolume Jul 11


Kina Grannis won the 2008 Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" contest; now she's showing off her music video on MTV. Read More »


Nelly Furtado Sings a New, Unreleased Tune in Portugal [Video]

by PureVolume Jul 11


Nelly Furtado unveils her new song "Mystery," at Delta Tejas festival in Portugal. Read More »


PREMIERE: Watch Forever the Sickest Kids' Lyric Video For "Keep Calm and Don't Let Me Go"

by PureVolume Nov 30


"We wrote 'Keep Calm and Don't Let Me Go' as an expression and illustration of how relationships—at times exhausting and disappointing—can be honest and valued … Read More »


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