The Icarus Account Premiere New Album Carry Me Home

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Acoustic pop duo The Icarus Account are strumming their way into your heart once again with their new album, Carry My Home. These ten tracks are packed with their signature wispy acoustics, melodic harmony parts, breezy pop sensibility and heartfelt lyrics. "We spent two years [2010-11] writing and putting together the right songs to complete the album," explains Ty Turner. "It has stories about new love, young love, Trey’s marriage, our parents divorce, break ups, our faith, and many other things. Each song is essentially a story about something that happened in our lives." 

Aside from its incredibly personal subject-matter, these songs truly speak to that bittersweet search for belonging and acceptance, love and fulfillment. Through its bright acoustics, yearning piano bits, and heart-tugging vocals, these songs represent not only struggle, but the comfort that comes at the end of the journey — a testament the album's title most certainly symbolizes. "The title comes from a line in the bridge of "All I Need." It's about reaching the point where you are so lost and broken down on this road of life that you literally need someone to carry you back home to the place you belong," continues Ty. "When we wrote the song our goal was to take people to a place emotionally where they felt like they were coming home." 

Spin the album's exclusive premiere right here, and then grab it when it officially drops tomorrow [August 28].

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