PREMIERE: NØMADS — "Chronometrophobia"

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Now based in New York City, NØMADS are a band we've written about in the past and have thoroughly enjoyed. They're back with a grand project on the way that's as interesting as anything we've heard in a while. They're in the midst of their Phøbiac project, a conceptual album that’s coming out in 2018, with each song on the record based around a different rare or clinical phobia. They’ve been rolling out a new song each month, today's being "Chronometrophobia," which is a brooding blend of post-punk and psych rock.

"The fear of clocks is very compelling to me as a sound-scape metaphor," singer Nathan Lithgow says. "As a physical object, a clock not only "tells" time, but also represents the passing of time and the concrete idea of the present tense.

"Chronometrophobia is tangentially connected to Chronophobia, the fear of time or of time's passing, but as a compositional theme I think the clicks/ticks/ tocks/beeps and bells provide a bit of textural context to the song as a whole. "Time marches on" is a phrase that really resonates me when I think about those who have the misfortune of suffering from a fear of clocks; in their heads, those sounds never really stop.

Listen above.

NØMADS have a batch of tour dates upcoming, check them out below:

5/16 - New York, NY - Pianos
5/23 - New York, NY - Pianos
5/25 - Erie, PA - Bobby’s Place
5/30 - New York, NY - Pianos
6/02 - Brooklyn, NY - Three’s Brewing
6/05 - Indianapolis, IN - State Street Pub
6/22 - New York, NY - Berlin

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