EXCLUSIVE: The Icarus Account Share 'Girls Like You' Track By Track Commentary + Full EP Stream

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We've been jonesing for some new material from the Icarus Account since they released Carry Me Home in 2012. They teased us with a covers session, which satisfied the craving temporarily. And now they're giving us what we asked for — a new eight-song EP! To celebrate, we asked the twin brother acoustic-pop duo of Ty and Trey Turner to give us some insight behind the tracks. Stream Girls Like You in its entirety above, and read the revealing track by track commentary below.

We have a history of writing some pretty intense love songs, but sometimes relationships and love can get the best of you. At times like these a break from the serious is overdue. So I wrote this song called “Bad News” about being single, spontaneous, and free. There’s a time and season for everything in life, and sometimes, you just need to let go and have some fun. Ty Turner

This is actually the oldest song on our EP; I started writing it back in 2010 when a long relationship of mine was on the rocks. Sometimes it takes losing something to know how much you loved it, and that’s exactly what this song was for me - a written apology to a girl for having absolutely no idea what I wanted until I was on the verge of losing her. PS The song didn’t work.. I lost her.. haha! Ty Turner

I wrote this song for anyone who’s ever been cheated on or left for someone else. Going through the initial heartache can be pretty devastating, but once you pull through it really opens your eyes and makes you a better/stronger person. More often than not you end up coming to the realization that you deserve better and should never have been with that person in the first place. My favorite line comes from the bridge, “I don’t need you honey, I can wait for love, Come on where’s your faith? Well I got just enough.” Ty Turner

This song was my attempt at writing a fairy-tale about my wife but at the same time pairing it with reality and the fact that there is so much more to our love than that. There are a lot of different lines I used to express my feelings in the song but what it all comes down to is me needing her so deeply that “I would not exist if you were gone.” There’s no one else I need. Trey Turner

This song is unfortunately about [our] parents getting divorced a few years back. I wrote the song as if I was in their shoes to explain how I would have wanted to handle the situation in their position. It’s incredibly dramatic and sad, yet it ends with the two lovers finding a renewed sense of commitment and desire. This is my way of my way of giving them a happy ending. Trey Turner

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