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2 MONTHS 'til the #finalnightofsin ! Pre-order the CD/DVD here for a chance to win a meet & greet too... http://t.co/zzUG5hWm
about Oct 08 via Twitter
People asking for places to purchase tickets...seetickets.com http://t.co/lehAxLKh ticket master etc etc
about Oct 06 via Twitter
Thanks to everyone including us in their #top10bands
about Oct 06 via Twitter
WEMBLEY ARENA update! We've just put more seating tickets on sale. Make sure you're there for the #finalnightofsin
about Oct 06 via Twitter
New episode of A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... is now live. This time starring... @CHRISYMAS! http://t.co/Ud2U3BLC
about Oct 06 via Twitter
Bed time for me. Bingo
about Oct 03 via Twitter
#sinnersneversleep is 1 years old today!!! Thanks to everyone who bought it and supported us in that way.
about Oct 02 via Twitter
67 DAYS 'TIL THE #FINALNIGHTOFSIN. Don't forget if you pre-order the audio too you could win a meet & greet... http://t.co/zzUG5hWm
about Oct 02 via Twitter
#Reckless on the @BBCR1 B list! http://t.co/HZsiyxtk
about Oct 02 via Twitter
Even more seating tickets put on sale for the #finalnightofsin at Wembley Arena! Tickets can be found at http://t.co/FfvRe86v
about Oct 01 via Twitter

Comments (618)

  • SD09876 said:
    Love this band! Feb 06
  • sosanh24h said:
    i love it May 09
  • Petra Arter said:
    its great Nov 22
  • Julia Jagd said:
    Great sounds, I like it Nov 20
  • Desiree Marilyn said:
    so much love. Dec 05
  • ❥Kabouaaa (: said:
    I misss seeeing you guysss. Mar 15
  • Garret S of Amongst Us All said:
    Hey guys check out this two man hardcore project. www.purevolume.com/AmongstUsAll Mar 11
  • Will Feiner said:
    You guys are one of the best bands I've ever heard! I was too late to buy tickets to your show in STL this spring, the show was sold out very quickly, but I would love to see you guys very soon. My life might not be complete until I do! Feb 21
  • cuosh said:
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  • Sbani said:
    im promoting a new rap song KASI LIFE bbbby Sbani on www.purevolume.com/sbani its on HIPHOP LEAGUE MIXTAPE Aug 06
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  • mollyjade said:
    most awesome band ever. Mar 23
  • nickelsaurusrex said:
    The Consequence is such an old song but it's still by far my favorite. Keep up the tunes bc I'm loving the new ones too Mar 21
  • AsdfConni said:
    I remember when i discovered this band on purevolume, you posted all your songs with free mp3 download, It was peeeeeeeerfect :3 Please come to Chile. we're waiting for you Feb 02
  • zkjsfw said:
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