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We're RadioDriveBy from Tempe, Arizona, and we want to make your ears happy.

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Want some holiday tunes this evening? Look no further! #ForTheSeason https://t.co/eJJjfG1t
about Dec 06 via Twitter
Help us make this possible and share us with your friends! Spread the word, it would mean the world to us. #RDBfamily http://t.co/H17trMh3
about Dec 06 via Twitter
We desperately want to come see all of you, and are going to tour as much as we can in 2013. We'll also be releasing a lot more new music.
about Dec 06 via Twitter
It's that time of year... our Holiday EP is now streaming free on @PureVolume! http://t.co/wcdpT8OH
about Dec 06 via Twitter
Photos from our trip to LA last week - http://t.co/MG0NXaas
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Want us to follow you? Just LIKE our page here - http://t.co/H17trMh3 and tweet us! #RDBfamily
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Upcoming tour dates: http://t.co/H17trMh3
about Oct 08 via Twitter
RDB Update Video 1 http://t.co/iE3PE20b #RDBfamily
about Oct 07 via Twitter
♫ Next Week: Reno, NV - Oct 14 at El Dorado Hotel & Casino http://t.co/HAHWGv2R
about Oct 07 via Twitter
Late night Q&A for whoever's up! -> http://t.co/CmOx75PC
about Oct 07 via Twitter

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  • hideaway said:
    Let it go that she can never live inside her dreams and I know that Lilya™ has finally got her wings! Jul 15
  • Jamie Ann said:
    i love you :) Jul 13
  • L.Mur said:
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  • ZachDReed said:
    Hello! I just finished an E.P. and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out! http://www.purevolume.com/TheBrighterWay Thanks :] Jul 05
  • blacky said:
    http://musicdompub.blogspot.com/2013/07/radiodriveby.html Jul 03
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  • Greg Clark said:
    It's a less poppy sound, but maybe you will like my band Reasons (www.purevolume.com/reasonsrock)!! The sound quality on our demo isn't nearly as good or polished, but we have access to better equipment so we will have some sexy stuff out pretty soon! Thanks! :) Apr 03
  • Greg Clark said:
    So this is where FallOutBoy's talent went! haha, good job guys! Apr 03
  • Anahi Montano said:
    You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!! and from Tempe, AZ ! the best place on earth! haha i only say that cause i am from there too Jun 11
  • Cometafan1 said:
    Digging the vocals - very emotional.....Check out our cover of 'Careless Whisper' ...let us know what think! :) www.purevolume.com/cometa Mar 06
  • Debbie Hutchins said:
    Would love to see a live show.... music is great and with such upbeat songs the live show must have wonderful energy. Mar 02
  • Hayley said:
    you guys are so great!!! One of my favorite bands Dec 23
  • Caraxx said:
    love the vocals! Dec 08
  • Lauren Setnicky said:
    omg i love this band so much ~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~! lololooloolollol. i love you guys Nov 27

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