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Quietdrive Pro

Just released cover album "Your Record Our Spin"        

Pop / Rock / Alternative

11,247 fans / 957,655 total plays / 119 plays today

Minneapolis, MN





18 tracks

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Here's a blast from the past. A ticket from our very first Holiday show! Crazy to think we've been putting on... http://t.co/gpI0BRh7
about Oct 08 via Twitter
If given the chance, what album of ours would you most like to hear from front to back at a concert?
about Oct 02 via Twitter
Order our cd package within 4 hours and get them all signed! http://t.co/fjBoCOTy http://t.co/6MmEJbGT
about Sep 27 via Twitter
Hmmmm...what could this mean? http://t.co/A2RPqErl
about Sep 24 via Twitter
Got a bunch of announcements coming up...stayed tuned for next week!
about Sep 20 via Twitter
Workin on something special for the holiday season. I wonder what that could be?
about Sep 17 via Twitter
“@MarineMusic3: @quietdrivemusic how i love you wont you say it to me if i could i would kiss you belive me! #hollywood” old school, luv it
about Sep 14 via Twitter
We have some shows coming up and we can only play one of these newer songs which one: Mary Jane or Crazy (not the cover)? Go!
about Sep 12 via Twitter
3rd period, Mr. Tracey's history class. Where were you?
about Sep 11 via Twitter
New shows added on http://t.co/cJbDv962!!!!!
about Sep 07 via Twitter

Comments (744)

  • Jena Gates said:
    Nice songs by the awesome band Mar 09
  • drewboy said:
    Nice songs! :) Oct 16
  • touxiej said:
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  • regine said:
    love your songs.... Feb 23
  • Anna said:
    Love this band!! :D Jan 03
  • KaylaKON said:
    Loveeeee!!! Sep 11
  • Kyle said:
    whoa, what I just heard in my ears just might be the band of the month. Jun 06
  • I_Sh00t_Lif3 said:
    Kevin, you have one of the sweetest voices I have ever heard. I just simply love all of your music, every song, every note, every melody. It is music to my ears. May 09
  • Korey Wilson said:
    Saw you guys in Iowa City and got Kevin's autograph, you guys are wicked awesome! I have all your albums now, and I love all of them. I would love it if you took a minute or two to check out my music project! http://www.purevolume.com/takethree :) Mar 19
  • ellll1234 said:
    have to agree musics good but kevins a doucher, met him at his mpls show and he was rude. should try being nice to fans that go and support them and buy theyre music.. got the whole awesome music going for them but someone in there bands an asshole. Jan 12
  • samisme said:
    Check out this new band I found! They sound like We the Kings, Mayday Parade, and All Time Low http://www.purevolume.com/TheRadioDriveBy Dec 17
  • jakeyt said:
    Check out this band I found! They sound like All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and We the Kings http://www.purevolume.com/TheRadioDriveBy Dec 16
  • Jess Nopants said:
    Kevin, you were a douche when I met you in Cincinnati (you opened for bowling for soup), but despite that I still like your music. Dec 16
  • Jared said:
    i fucking love you guys! Dec 14
  • tara_wara said:
    I love you guys. Ok. Dec 13

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