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Graham Keever

Grahamatical Error. Listen. Please.        

Rap / Hip Hop / Experimental

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Carolina, NC





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It's Been Too Long

Hey. I haven't posted anything significant in ages. I apologize for that. The past few years I have been drunk. I'm not trying to funny. Seriously. I hit a point where… more
about Feb 02 via PureVolume

Hope You Diggin' That New

What up kids. And to all of those who think you're adults, but you're probably not. Just messing with you. I hope you're bumping the "Kollege Kid Chapter One" mixtape.…

about Jun 24 via PureVolume


Just had the most raging show ever in East Carolina. Thanks to my boy Trent Safrit for hooking up the show. Shit was absolutely nuts. Chapel Hill Friday night. Greensbo…

about Nov 13 via PureVolume


On November 2nd I will release the 5th mix tape of my career. I hope all of you listen to it, download it, party to it, I dont care. Just check it out. It's gonna be so…

about Oct 24 via PureVolume

It's been a minute...

Hello world. The clock just struck midnight here in Charlotte, NC. In a week I will be back in my lovely college dorm room. For those of you who check the site on a reg…

about Aug 07 via PureVolume

Download My Mixtape. For Free. Now

"Keever Kronikles II" is my latest mixtape. It's the only stuff I got up here. Download me. Thanks for the views and plays ya'll. Graham Keever

about Jan 13 via PureVolume

Comments (8)

  • XxSirens SerenadexX said:
    so official Mar 14
  • Paulina said:
    I love him!! Mar 07
  • Judah said:
    yo fuck the money is dope, encore in greenville. we could set it up!1 Dec 01
  • Dan Paustian said:
    Only a matter of time bro. Workin on that show up here at the Thrill. Leggo. Oct 24
  • Pestrator said:
    You got some good music I like your style, your flow is mad nice too. I make beats and rap check me out. Thank You! http://www.purevolume.com/pestratorproductions Aug 04
  • beast said:
    hiding is sick..!! check me out...open to all advice, comments and collabs..!! http://www.purevolume.com/Beast20202 Jul 12
  • TheBox said:
    you too white lol Apr 15
  • Marc Gio said:
    yo i like it. check out my boy jay. let him know what u think http://www.purevolume.com/JayMo247 Jan 19

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