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My Hidden Track

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Genres: Indie / Rock / Pop

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Stats: 292 fans / 25,717 plays / 10 plays today





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Members: Chad Lehr (guitar/vocals), Nick Coffing (guitar/vocals), Chad Forbregd (bass), Patrick Rud (drums)

After playing to a sold-out crowd of 450 in December of 2008, the remaining two members of My Hidden Track were uncertain if they had just played their last show ever or if it was the beginning of something new. Chad Lehr and Nick Coffing knew one thing for sure-- they weren't done playing music together. The Indianapolis natives My Hidden Track sat on this idea for six months.

Then what began as an advertisement campaign back in late January, My Hidden Track removed all the content from their myspace, purevolume, etc and simply left this message: The addiction begins March 2009. Still not having a solid lineup or a concrete plan for their comeback from their six month hiatus My Hidden Track began writing, I mean really writing, with an end goal in mind to have a record complete by March. Often locking themselves in their east side practice space for 12 hours at a time and holding acoustic writing sessions nightly. The end result of their late night sessions is their forthcoming Hey Love EP scheduled to be released June 5th, 2009 on Crown Point's Dare to Dream Records.

Although My Hidden Track may no longer be the number one power pop band in Indiana, that doesn't seem to phase them, their goals and ideals have changed over the last few months. They are back with new members, with new songs, and a stronger work ethic than ever. A determination to write, record and perform every song as though it is their last. "I don't mean to discredit anything we've accomplished in the last two years, I'm proud of how far we've gotten, but there's no comparing the songs we were writing then compared to what we are doing now. These songs feel honest, brutal, straight forward and to the point." says guitarist Chandler Lehr. While they may no longer be playing any songs off of their June 2007 debut release There's No One Left To Let Me Down their fans now have a whole new set of songs to enjoy that continues to expand. "We had a handful of songs going into the writing process and the end result is our eight song EP, but there are still an ever-growing list of songs that we have written since the album and unreleased songs that we continue to develop," says Lehr.

"This record is a new sound for us; setting new expectations" says guitarist Nick Coffing "I hope our fans can understand we haven't abandoned them... everyone we know and love is on this record somewhere. This is the exact record we wanted to put out and thanks to Dare to Dream Records we were able to do just that."

My Hidden Track promises that there are still plenty of opportunities to dance but as bassist Chad Forbregd added "We didn't want to put out another power pop record, it wasn't where our heads or hearts were anymore, instead we wanted to put out a straight forward rock record... a call to art and that's exactly what we did. If this is the last record I ever play a note on, I am beyond satisfied with that."

While My Hidden Track spent most of 2008 playing with, trying out, and borrowing every local drummer in Indianapolis, they assure of this, they've finally found their final lineup.

The addiction has begun.


  • Cris Jaeger said:
    awesome band!!.. ''not blaming california'' is brilliant, I love that song Aug 18
  • li z said:
    come backk :( May 30
  • WherethemusicAt said:
    your singer sounds like say anythings Mar 17
  • DeannaMASSACRE said:
    'I cant belive I gave my panties to a geek' caught my attention and definatly kept it! You guys are AMAZING! Its good to hear something different. Mar 03
  • Athina said:
    Love your music. You guys remind me of The Spill Canvas with a twist. It blow me away. Keep it up and will look forward to seeing you guys around hopefully in Reno, NV. :) Jan 16
  • said:
    YOU GUYS SUCK, CHECK OUT MY PAGE http://www.purevolume.com/PlaythefagBones Jan 12
  • said:
    YOU GUYS SUCK, CHECK OUT MY PAGE http://www.purevolume.com/PlaythefagBones Jan 12
  • Dalton said:
    I miss you guys Jan 10
  • hami said:
    wow. refreshing. Jan 10
  • Mike Goodrick said:
    HEY YOU!!! I just want to make you SMILE!!! come check out my music purevolume.com/mikegoodrick its an ACOUSTIC POP EXTRAVAGANZA!! and theres 5 FREE downloads on my page!! Jan 08
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  • Carlos said:
    where can i download there shit Jan 01
  • Malachi said:
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  • Drake said:
    Does one of your members work at Best Buy? Oct 20

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