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Released May 19, 2017

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Comments (5)

  • TWIRLERCHICK89 said:
    My musical tastes range from 90's rap and folk rock to deathcore, quite the difference xD Mar 14
  • Michael said:
    So exciting! People are actually buying this record! If you like folk rock music with 90's apathetic sense, try it! Mar 14
  • Michael said:
    An album of folk rock songs with 90's sensibility made with an 80's Radio Shack microphone. $2! $2.50 with an EP. Mar 14
  • putona said:
    Literally only listen to folk-rock and 90's boybands Mar 14
  • pinkfloyd said:
    Lately my taste in music is either 70's folk rock or 90's grunge with very little in between. Mar 14