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Mallory Knox


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Rome, Italy

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Mallory Knox gang is born in Rome during the fall of 2001 through the meeting of three girls, Cecilia (drums), Marianna (guitar and voice) and Olga (guitar). The trio begins to shape its own musical language essentially rock and roll, mixing freely the single and personal passions and inspirations: old style blues, new wave, punk, rockabilly, 90's folk rock.
In 2002 the sound acquires more thickness with the addition of Giulia, playing the bass guit. It's the beginning of a fortunate period for this girlish combo: they will have concerts in a lot of places both in the capital city and in the provincial ones. In the first months of 2003 the band presents its own original songs during one of the RadioRock showcases for performers; in the same year the girls support
Cosmonauti and Motorama, two of the best surf-garage-punk bands in the italian alternative panorama.Moreover Olga and Mary organize a special event on May the 1st: the "Housekeepers' night", dedicated to all the industrious and active women that have in common also the passion for rock and roll music. Various upsets will take new changes inside the band: the girls break each other, take different directions and someone prefers to leave the band. In the 2005 Daniela replaces Mary at the guitar, Andrea takes the place of Cecilia on drums. Federico is the official bass player after a long period of people selection.

Actually the Mallory Knox are recording their 3rd EP that will be published during the 2006.



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