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Lost In Stereo

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Genres: Powerpop / Electronic

Location: Malang, Indonesia

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4 tracks

Members: henky (vocal) oxi (synth,keyboard, vocal) reza (drums) joey(guitar)

Hello guys we are Lost in stereo we've play some pop punk music and mixed by electronic at the song. we founded by oxy and eky they start talking about the band we've found reza and henky for the drum player and the lead vocal we're formed at 2010 february 18 , at past we start to play some heavy song music. but we didn't find our character in the band ,we've start to search any genre that make us more comfortable, then it is! we've found pop punk and electronic punk here we start play on gigs. at early year 2011 we've make a decision that oxy gotta play the keyboard,synth again then,we've start to search some cool guitarist and we found joey. our diffrent formation ,it's change our music too, we play some music we name it "dance rock" at march 2011 we gonna record some couple song with our new formation..okay that what we've made so far :)) ,see ya out there guys :)
dengan mundurnya eky wibi kita jalan dengan formasi ber-empat dengan menggunakan bassist cabutan untuk live dan record :)

Our member:
Oxy Arya (Piano,synth,Vocal)
Joey (Left&right guitar)
Henky (vocal)
Reza (Drum)




Summer (Demo 2010)

Dec 30, 2010

EP 2011 (SINGLE)

No release date


No release date


No release date

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