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My final thought...when a WOMAN loves a man, she loves 'that' man, and the only person who can f that up is that MAN himself..                           sad truth..but it is wat it is

A hoe?That's your 1st huge mistake. Not everyone is what you were accustomed to in the past. Told you to never stereotype. Keep it classy and real.. always..seriously.Reminds me of an old saying.."it's better to keep your mouth shut, and be thought  a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt"  Is that expecting tooo much, really? Check yourself  : / no big loss then, if that's what you really thought.. those are a dime a dozen, which I'm sure you now know 1st hand.. with that sad attitude, enjoy the never ending solitude....Stay the same..things will always be the same..long as status quo works for u..no worries...right Capt. Snappy? Word  °_•   ~ Peace


What you hide in your heart, is read in your eyes...

"How starved you must have been...that my became a meal for your ego..? ~ Amanda Torroni

Men talk of killing time..while time quietly kills them ~ Dion Boucicault


What is real love?Real love is when someone breaks your heart.....and you still love them with every broken piece..


If your absence doesn't affect them, your presence never mattered...


If you are careless with the truth in small matters…How will she ever be able to trust you with her heart?


Some days I wonder if you miss me....other days I wonder why I'm still wondering.......


There's a difference between someone who wants you, and someone who would do anything to keep you...


"Be careful when you fight the monsters...lest you become one.."

~Friedrich Nietzche


All we do, is think about the feelings we hide...  °_•


Posted Jun 27, 2016 at 1:27pm



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