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Location: Becks, PA


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Cute Is What We Aim For

Pop / Powerpop / Rock

Amherst, NY

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Post Hardcore / Rock / Punk

Long Beach, CA

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Pop / Alternative

New York City, NY

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He Is Legend

Rock / Southern Rock / Psychedelic

Wilmington, NC

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Psychedelic / Rock

Sydney, Australia

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  • Drewseph Rringo Phillips said:
    purevolume.com/drewsephrringophillips check out my new music? :) its similar to breathe carolina or romance on a rocketship Jul 14
  • @ScottGBC (The Groundbreaking Ceremony) said:
    Heyy! What's up!? I'm a band called The Groundbreaking Ceremony. You should check us out and tell us what you think, we'd love to talk to you :) http://www.purevolume.com/theGBCvolume May 28
  • Queso said:
    we just released a new song on our facebook! hit us up fo feedback please and heres the link! it would mean alot if you liked our page too! http://www.facebook.com/morethanmantx?sk=app_178091127385 Apr 25
  • John ...Is A Dead Man! said:
    well thank you so much! actually if you wanna send me your email I can send you the rest of the tracks :] Apr 04
  • John ...Is A Dead Man! said:
    oh awesome, I'm jealous!! and the drive was great, haha it got pretty crazy in the car but it just made me excited to tour with everyone :D Apr 04
  • ANEK (drummer) said:
    Please have a listen to my band, Anek: http://www.purevolume.com/anek Apr 02
  • John ...Is A Dead Man! said:
    how could I forget yah :] haha omg tell me about it just being in ohio for a few hours was freakin awful. who are you gonna see/who did you see?? Apr 01
  • Amanda T said:
    thanks for adding us and download Klassick at http://www.purevolume.com/klassick Mar 31
  • John ...Is A Dead Man! said:
    sorry for the late response :[! but I went out to band practice and now I'm about to drive out to Ohio to pick up some amps :D! what's up with youuu? Mar 31
  • Epewe said:
    Hey whats up?! You should check out my band : http://www.purevolume.com/SundayWithMyGirlfriend . Powerpop/Rock From Serang - Banten,ID please listen , download and join to fans :) thx Mar 30


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  • General: Default!

    Hey People! I think it'd be awesome if you guys helped me choose a default because as of right now i have no idea which photo to pick!! so just leave a photo comment on…

    Jan 11, 2010



-Hi, my names Courtney- -16 years of age- -born and raised in PA- -I have big city dreams- -i love going to local shows to listen to some awesome music- -I love photography, art and music- -i love zebras- -Pokemon Rules!- -I wear alot of bracelets- -My fave color is blue- -i want to major in english literature- -music is my release, my sanity, & my lifesaver- -Always wanted to be in a band, never had the "crew"- -I'm a little different, kind of an outcast, but thats ok- -I have a cat -I like unicorns =P- -Had my heart broken, yea it happens, and i've never been in love- -I'm scared of relationships- -Currently my status is single =] and i kinda like it- -My wardrobe consists of band tees, skinny jeans, and my classic vans- -I'm quite the pimp (not really)- -I carry my iPod with me literally wherever i go- -I'm random, crazy, a little shy, funny, and a huge imagination. And yea i'm weird.. so what?!- -A Day To Remember, Burden of a Day and Ocean is Theory are my three fave bands- -I dont smoke or drink- -I'm a free spirit- -i'm me, and i'll find what i'm lookin for someday- ♥"We're all a little weird, and life's a little weird, and when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up in mutual weirdness and call it....love

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