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Jacob Tyler Lucas

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Phoenix, AZ

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Aqua Nintendo

Trance / Electronic / Drum and Bass

Meredith, NH

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Hardcore / Metalcore / Christian

Clinton, IN

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Gone By Tomorrow

Alternative / Pop Punk

Red Bank, NJ

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Asleep With Machines

Electronic / Techno / Pop Punk

United Kingdom

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    hi! can you help me win a contest and check this out? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9zR_jqH3bM (Rumor Mill - We Are The In Crowd) Jan 07
  • Liz Sparks said:
    I guess you're here to find new music,BM has a new album released recently recorded in his bedroom, and mastered in San Francisco. music made ​​with the heart. www.purevolume.com/BJMO Sep 13
  • nini said:
    HOY!! YOUR ON MY PROFILE !! Like Indie Acoustic music ? check out this musician www.purevolume.com/MeTwoYou like MeTwoYou on facebook, it would mean the world to him ! spread the word please :) haha i've noticed people posting stuff like this on ur profile :P but wont hurt if u check this :) Jul 25
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  • Joey F said:
    Hey, how are ya? I'm Joey, and I scream and play keys in a band called Notes of a Siren. If I could just ask for a moment of your time, you should check us out on here (www.purevolume.com/notesofasiren), or you should LIKE us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/notesofasiren)! Let us know what you think! ;D Mar 03
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  • meow! its Lauren :D said:
    ahaha thanks ive cut my own at the weekend and im nearly bald undernieth :S lets just hope it grows ack soon :') Jul 05
  • meow! its Lauren :D said:
    Heyy, thanks for the add and I'll have a listen to the band you was telling my about when I'm next on my laptop :D Jul 03
  • nini said:
    hii guys, thanks for visiting my page^^ got a moment? add this band its realy amazing May 25


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  • General: Spread The Word :)

    Like Indie Acoustic music ? check out this musician www.purevolume.com/MeTwoYou like MeTwoYou on facebook, it would mean the world to him ! spread the word please :) ha…

    Jul 25, 2011



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