• Zac Koval said:
    Hey! I just wanted to share my free acoustic demos with you! =] www.purevolume.com/zackoval If you like post-hardcore, check this out! www.purevolume.com/parabellumCT Apr 23
  • RockĀ“nRollBoy182 said:
    Sorry to bother but listen to this band ... okay? Www.purevolume.com/biggestlie ::: ADD and leave a message! see YoOo Jul 15
  • said:
    Hey mister whats new? Apr 18
  • said:
    omg hayyy! like I havent talked with you in ages! whats up? Apr 08
  • said:
    I know. Me too. Im sorryy.... Will you ever forgive me?!?!? Mar 20
  • said:
    haha thanks darlin\'pshht. lol What sup? Mar 20
  • Chipizzle said:
    haha yeah thats apretty sick name mine is pretty lame and simple lol i just tag cause of the art form Mar 19
  • said:
    Awwh you called me \"sweetie\" tehe. Nuffin much here. Whats up with you mister angel pants? Mar 19
  • {devron}{x}{core} said:
    nm, hangin\' out .. bored as hell, though =? lol you? Mar 19
  • said:
    Oh. haha. Yeah. So how are you? Mar 15
  • crouchyxx said:
    hello there angel... mhmmm whatsuppp? %u2665 Mar 13
  • said:
    Hey! nm. Sorry I havent been on lately. So whats up suga bby? Mar 13
  • said:
    haha. Thanks. Noffin much. Im fixin to have piano lessons. Whats up with you mister? Mar 05
  • said:
    Ummm, no. This is it. Jan 12
  • said:
    ya, so I\'m definitely a girl........who doen\'st use \"foul language\",......haha, but Underoath is amazing. Jan 11
  • said:
    hey, thanks for adding Underoath is Amazing as a fav artist! I made it, and I\'m not the only fan any more! haha, pathetic.... Jan 10
  • ALTctrlDELETE said:
    hi. Nov 29

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Hi Kiddohs, My name is Angel and i live in brookyln. Im single and im in the band TRAGEDY AWAITS US. I play bass and i am thebackup vocals/screamer.Check out our myspace at myspace.com/tragedyawaitsus I

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