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Human creativity hardly knows any boundaries, here we have discovered different less-known facts about sex toys throughout history. A small town at the Mediterranean Sea, Miletus, worked around 500 BC as a supply center when it came to dildos for the whole Mediterranean. The craftsmen in the city were known for having a good handcraft with both wood and leather, which resulted in a city that mainly devoted themselves to aids for women neglected by their husbands, as well as lesbians. You might think that lesbian women were a new phenomenon? There you went wrong, but 2500 years ago they did not have to hide in the closet, being lesbian was fully accepted. The Romans, by their side, were not long after, it was alleged that Kleopatra made the first vibrating balls. The bullets were made of wood and consisted of two parts that could be picked apart, much like an eggshell. Then you caught some hot flies, they put in and led the egg into the vagina. When the flies summed up hot, something they would like if the wearer was about to move, the egg would vibrate .... Who need's batteries anyway? The Chinese are known to be creative when it comes to sex and they have invented, among other things, the penis ring, once known as happiness ring. Around 1200 they took the eyelid to goat, with their eyelashes intact, and fastened around the root of the penis (sexleketøy). In this way, the man managed to keep the erection a little longer, while the eyelashes stimulated the woman's clitoris and made her happy. A few years later, they made some bullets that women could use to train the muscles. The bullets of the Chinese reminded of the spheres in shape, size and weight. These should only be carried up in the vagina and carried by her as long as she could hold on to them without giving any special pleasure, at least now and then. The advantage was(sex leketøy), of course, that they needed to tighten the muscles of the abdomen, which in turn made the love affair better both for him and her. The Chinese also make a rigid penis coat, either of animal hair, or of rigid leather, which could be used if the man had trouble getting it up. If at all, he was not in the mood, then she could use it alone. This, of course, also worked as a condom. The Europeans make a similar dildo case around 1900, but with a hole in the tip, so that the man's semen came into the woman.

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