• emve said:
    Saves The Day ftw..... have you listened to Two Tongues? Feb 20
  • Bruno Palazzini said:
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  • Zac Koval said:
    Dear listener, I'm an unsigned artist from CT, and I just released my first acoustic EP on Itunes and Amazon! If you'd like to, please check out my songs, become a fan, and purchase the EP if you like what you hear! purevolume.com/zackoval Apr 06
  • BootsauceHayden said:
    Hey, I am Hayden and i drum in my all brother band called "Oh Tear the Veil" we are a metalcore band and our lead vocalist is only 12 years old. Check out our new song called "Sneak in Here"! Try to at least tell one of your friends about us! That would mean so much! www.facebook.com/ohteartheveil Feb 01
  • Alana in Wonderland said:
    Hey Jan 27
  • Jordan Bell said:
    Hello! fancy having a listen to my band? www.purevolume.com/3footninja x Jan 10
  • Manny Figueroa (A Mirror's Embrace) said:
    Hey wutsup!! Support Local music! Listen to my band A Mirror's Embrace! Our songs are FREE for download! :-) www.purevolume.com/amirrorsembrace Jan 09
  • NoelleBelle said:
    oh man yeah i hear ya. though its freakin boiling outside....but now im not so pale and ghostly looking!! so i dont mind it that much :D Jul 04
  • Icky Pittz said:
    I LOV YOU NIGGA!!! Jun 24
  • NoelleBelle said:
    oh snap...i never wrote you back from like a month ago. my bad. but i am quite fantastic!! how are you love? May 28
  • Tori said:
    hey, did I ever tell you how much you make me smile??? :D May 19
  • Christie said:
    allo new frnd. :) May 04
  • Noratendo.64 said:
    Thanks for the add :) cheers May 01
  • Mady Leigh said:
    Hey, stranger. Gracias for the add. d: Apr 28
  • Tori said:
    hey, I got those glasses for 15 cents, so what now? and I know i'm a nerd :D lmao :] Apr 27
  • NoelleBelle said:
    yooooo whats up? Apr 27
  • Tori said:
    lmao ive only managed to go 3 days without Hanny lol you just cant escaper her!!! :D lmao! I watched it, it was hyyyysterical! this video=love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xPBp8Bl-vQ yeah, well I enjoy watching little kittens play with yarn, so whatever. lmao xD Apr 26
  • Tori said:
    haha no, it would be lame if you were sitting on the couch watching Hannah Montanna...well that would just be wierd, it would be lame if you were watching youtube videos of kittens playing with yarn :/ lmao Apr 26
  • Tori said:
    haha thanks, that means more than you can imagine :D so whatchuu up to yo? lol Apr 26
  • Tori said:
    thanks :] oh yeah, I know of them, and that's so awesome! :D I want to become a professional one day, its all I want to do :) Apr 26

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yo my name is samson. my friends call me Sambo lol. i listen to pretty much everything. mucis is such an amazing feature to have in our lives. my fav. are the flaming lips, escape the fate, chiodos, from first to last, saves the day, etc.) i am a big 80's fan too lol hit me up if you wanna chit chat peace one love :). i love meeting new people. Its a hobby. I'm really fun to talk to. I LUV comments and messages. I promise i will reply :000

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