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Led Zeppelin (US)


Genres: Classic Rock / Rock

Location: USA

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Members: Robert Plant (vocals), Jimmy Page (guitar), John Bonham (drums), John Paul Jones (bass+keyboard)

Led Zeppelin Is One Of The Best Bands From The 70s and 80s Who Has Had A Major Influence On Many Bands Past and Present.


  • Amanda Harris said:
    Jun 14
  • Kaitlin Hunter said:
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  • Jason Agnew said:
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  • jay said:
    jimmy page always gives a perfectly good guitar solo.. :) Sep 28
  • mikezzzz said:
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  • Tyler said:
    John Bonham is the best drummer ever Jun 22
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  • x_^my world IS musicx_^ said:
    plz put up stairway to heaven, that is my most fav song of ur guys' music. Apr 26
  • Rod said:
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  • babybec05 said:
    They were big in the 70's. The first album came out in '69. Nov 28
  • boomroasted said:
    Zeppelin broke up in 1980, son. They were huge throughout the 60's and 70's. FACTS STRAIGHT, PLZ. Mar 20
  • thebelltolls2 said:
    Legends... Nov 27
  • kash_jones said:
    Theres a lady whos sure all that glitters is gold and shes buying a Stairway to heaven.... Aug 31


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