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Leaving the Scene


Genres: Rock / Emo / Alternative

Location: Portland, OR

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Members: Rayn, Jamie, Jason, Nick, and Dave

PORTLAND OREGON: Words, as they are so apt to do, often elude us, and the right ones seemingly hide intentionally. So, to the best of my abilities, I will attempt here to describe that little something. That indescribable something that makes five people greater than the sum of their parts.

In a town where there are as many descriptions for the rain as there are days in a year, five people formed together. Out of luck, out of happenstance, out of something greater, Leaving the Scene was formed. Molded, shaped and created out of ideas and words and that something.

Those five people, each into their own right a talent and force, created Leaving the Scene. It, as most things, didnt happen easily, it didnt happen quickly. But one day, sometime after the beginning, sometime well before today, it simply was. Rayn McMahon, the voice, the words. Jamie Dunphy and Jason Morris, the sonically attacking six-string wielding duo. Joaquin Toler, the powerhouse rhythm. And Dave Muldoon, the glue that holds the fabric.

It seems, at times, that you simply cant fight the tide. That the powers of the world will push you and push you, and that everything there is to have thats worth having, youll have to fight for every day you draw breathe. Fans come and go. Friends try and stay longer. The brothers youve created greatness with have to at some point make the decision to go on or to move on.

Let me explain.

Leaving the Scene started over five years ago. The band from then and the band from now would, were they able to meet, not recognize each other. Since the beginning, adversity was their tide. Female fronted bands are rare. This is mostly a boys game. It has always mostly been a boys game, and no one expects it will change. But Leaving the Scene has taken this, taken these assumptions, and used them to hone their craft. Molded every aspect of their being to prove to the world that this will be a boys game no more. Theyve crafted incredible song writing, poignant and sharp lyrics, and a tight, high energy, live performance, and with every step, every movement, fought that tide. And the tide has begun to turn away.

Their newest album, In Terms Of Resistance, is a behemoth sonic attack, with 11 tracks of highly toned, highly explosive songs. Released in 2006 on LIFO Records, the album has opened new doors, turned the attention of new ears, and changed the expectations of what this boys game can produce. Theyve earned the chance to play next to amazing bands like Rooney, Hot Rod Circuit, Piebald, theAudition, Aiden, mewithoutYou, Vedera, Pistolita, Everybody Else, Kaddisfly, Ever We Fall, As Cities Burn, The Fall Of Troy, Amity, Amber Pacific, The Hurt Process, and a handful of dates on The Warped Tour. The band is currently featured regularly on over 20 radio stations across the country.

And the road is calling



In Terms of Resistance

Jun 06, 2006

The Leaving the Scene EP

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