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Johnny Kahn

ill always love you in my own way


Genres: Grunge / Post Hardcore / Acoustic

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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4 tracks

Abrasive,Deep And Haunting. Johnny Kahn is proving to be a catergorically devious target.
Hailing From L.A This Young Man has been writing and composing about his experiences for more than
half a decade."the best punk band i've ever seen." remarked a peer of the music scene.and yet
Johnny Kahn's style is not restricted to Punk. but any song he writes has a personality and feel
of its own."im the wild card in your poker deck,you'll never know what you'll get." says this
idiosyncratic musician.

In This Age Of Difficulty and uncertainty,Johnny Kahn Emerges refusing to go down and hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams.His Songs speak for themselves and reflect the state of mind which he was in,at the time. often combining mystical lyrics,and guitar chords that seemingly chant at you.or like a rock n roll shaman ressurects the punk ghosts of old and composes his own rock n roll anthems.what remains is an interesting duality,and you can hear how it sounds when both sides come together.as Johnny Kahn is currently in the studio right now recording his first EP "Lets Go Home" expected to be released in 2012.




Lets Go Home

Apr 15, 2012


Birmingham, United Kingdom


Owensboro, KY


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Aspen, CO


Mansfield, GA

Jack Duncan

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