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Joe Satriani


Genres: Metal / Experimental

Location: USA

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The acclaimed guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani first established himself on the San Francisco music scene during the early 1980s. Satriani became one of the most recognized guitar teachers in the area, inspiring pupils such as Kirk Hammett (later of Metallica), Larry LaLonde (later of Primus) and Steve Vai (now an acclaimed solo guitarist in his own right).

Satriani did not begin recording until 1984, when he released a now out-of-print self-titled EP. Signing to Relativity, in 1986 he released his full-length solo debut Not of This Earth, a set of tracks that highlighted the young guitarist's amazing technical ability with complex hard rock instrumental epics. Satriani's popularity expanded with his 1987 follow-up, Surfing with the Alien, one of the few all-instrumental albums to ever reach the Top 40. Satriani became known as a "guitar player's guitar player," influencing countless hobbyists and professionals with his innovative style and sure-fingered playing.



  • METAL JOSH said:
    joe satriani rocks Jan 25
  • heavenrainsblood777 said:
    http://heavenrainsblood.bandcamp.com/ Nov 24
  • jm said:
    you inspired alot guitarist around the world .. awesome G3 performances =) rock on! Jul 02
  • funkyshades said:
    this is the shit. Apr 03
  • JohnJohn said:
    my dad first showed me you on youtube and now i cant seem to get enough of your awesome gutair skills. you are by far better than all the great gutair players combined. Aug 11
  • kip sanders said:
    joe i wanna play the bass like you play the guitar dude if you can teach me that would be great i live in tampa floida May 09
  • ROCKINDIE21 said:
    Mr: JOE SATRIANI,Your song: " SEARCHING " It is an AWESOME composition. LUIS * Apr 13
  • sertog said:
    simplemente un ijo de puta ke mierda para acer musika tan de putamadre! May 29
  • Persini said:
  • Underdog911 said:
    You rock!!! Haha, my goal in life right now is to learn to play like you! You should put up \"Surfing With The Alien\", \"Satch Boogie\" and \"Ceremony\". Rock on!!! Mar 12
  • blondevil08 said:
    Satch is amazing...! good luck with G3! Nov 21
  • blondevil08 said:
    Satch is amazing...! good luck with G3! Nov 21
  • AntiSarah said:
    ummm.....speechless iv never heard anything like that holly shit Oct 26
  • jonnyk89 said:
    Absolutely love your music Joe!! Seen you in concert and it was amazing! Jul 19
  • BerserkDrummer said:
    you rock man!!! Jun 10

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