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Gwen Stacy Pro


Genres: Christian / Hardcore / Experimental

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Stats: 3,188 fans / 145,509 plays / 117 plays today





7 tracks

Members: Brent Schindler - Bass/Sings, Geoff Jenkins - Screams, Patrick Meadows - Guitar/Tattoos, T.J. Sego - Drums/Programming

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With their beginning firmly and proudly rooted in the middle of America, Indianapolis natives Gwen Stacy began practicing together in the winter of 2004. "Growing up in Indiana was awesome," exclaims bassist and founding member Brent Schindler alongside drummer TJ Sego. "We all grew up in surrounding areas of Indianapolis and moved closer to one another when things started to pick up with the band."

Since those early days Gwen Stacy has maintained a diligent work ethic rivaling older, more experienced bands and have toured America on multiple occasions sharing the stage with today's favorites such as The Devil Wears Prada, mychildren mybride, and metal sensation The Human Abstract among others. "I would say the best part about the tours that we've done is that we've gotten to travel and play with bands that are, above all else, our friends," Schindler states from the studio.

On the band's full-length Ferret debut, "The Life I Know", Gwen Stacy convened with Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, The Bled, From Autumn to Ashes), and well-known producer Brian Mcternan to record in the fall of 2007. "I think the biggest thing I'll take away from this recording experience is the fact that an outside opinion is not always a bad one," laughs the band's bassist. "I think the songs are better because of it. Paul and Brian are definitely trying to bring out the best in us." "I have learned that we really work best creatively as a unit rather than individually," states the band's drummer.

On "The Life I Know", Gwen Stacy come out and immediately destroy the listener's expectations. Vocalist Cole Wallace's delivery hearkens back to a time when the message and the need to be understood were an essential part of hardcore. "A lot of our lyrics are about faith, how we struggle through life, and other things people can relate to," admits Wallace. "The newer stuff is more mature than our earlier material," continues guitarist Patrick Meadows. "We've all grown stronger at what we do."

In the coming year Gwen Stacy will go nationwide once again and take "The Life I Know" to bigger crowds and venues around the country. "Our goal is to play every town and every city," concludes Sego. "Above all else, we want to play and hang with the kids and bring our message to every place our van can take us."


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Oct 20, 2009

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Feb 05, 2008

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Oct 13, 2006

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