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Galactica Spectacula


Genres: Techno / Electronic / Christian

Location: Columbus, OH

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4 tracks

Members: Brian Cooper


All songs from my second CD are now available for free on last.fm, please download them if you haven't had a chance.


Hey everybody, it's been way too long. I've posted a new song up, and there will be more to come. I'm working on a few songs right now just polishing those up. I'm also going to be posting Annus Mirabilis on Last.FM for download. Check back for more updates soon. -Cooper


Hey everyone, Annus Mirabilis is now available for download on my myspace page. If you like the songs you can download a couple for .89 each or 7.49 for all 12. It would help me out in keeping up with this site and others as well. Thanks for all your support. -Cooper


Well, as promised, I give you Annus Mirabilis. If you like the cd, you can download it on myspace starting Friday 01-18-08. As always, tell me what you think and thank you for listening. -Cooper


Hello everybody. Just thought that you all should know that I'm posting all of the songs for Annus Mirabilis to stream on tuesday 01-15-08. Downloads will go up in the snocap mystore on myspace on 01-18-08. There are 12 tracks in all, I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for listening. -Cooper


Hey everyone, just stopping by to tell you there's a new song on myspace called "Raisins Are Just Grapes With Cancer". It's a new one from Annus Mirabilis and you can get to it by clicking here. Let me know what you think. Thanks. -Cooper


Happy New Year Everyone. And Happy Birthday Planet Earth. Anyways, just stopping by to add a new song to the playlist. It's called Friday Night Showdown and is on the album Annus Mirabilis which will be coming out Jan. 18th. So expect to see more songs up soon. Thanks everyone. -Cooper


Hey everybody. Sorry it's been a while since there's been any updates, I've been in and out of the hospital lately just trying to get some things situated. Anyways, there's a new song up called San Juan. Check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks. -Cooper


What's up everyone, a couple of new things here. First off, it's a brand new song called "Change Up". Secondly, you can now download all of the songs from the FIRST Cd at Last FM. Tell me what you think of the new songs coming in. More soon, and as always, comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone. -Cooper


Hey Everyone, just stopping by to ask everyone to rank my songs on NumberOneMusic. It would help me out a lot. Just click on the "vote for this artist/band" link under the profile pic. Thanks everyone. -Cooper


It's been a while, but I'm back with a new Single called "If Lion-O Were Still Alive (He'd Dance Like This). I've got more songs that I'm working with right now, so check back soon. As always, tell me what you think. Thanks everyone. -Cooper


So it's kinda like "Some guy driving late at night, then he starts to fall asleep, runs through a guard rail into a river. He starts to drown, but is saved at the last second." That's what the new song sounds like. Check out "Asleep Behind the Wheel".

Also, Thanks everyone for your comments and e-mails. The encouragement has allowed me to get new songs out faster. I have also decided to begin work on my first full length album. So far I've put out 12 tracks and I'll be putting the older songs up for download sometime, maybe on a different site like myspace or something. Anyways, just giving you guys the heads up. Thanks again. -Cooper


Another New song's out today. I really didn't have a title for this one, so i used the first thing that came to Jon's mind. Anyway, the song is now called "Jon's Been Calling Me Since One". Enjoy.


Yay, a new song. This one is called "One Time I Caught A Horse". Anyways, as usual, leave comments and tell me what you think. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. -Cooper


Yet another new song, this one uses multiple genres (over seven) including classical, Irish rock, punk, metal, techno, and electronica. It's called Sepfecta.....Enjoy.


First New Song of the new year, this ones called TenFiftySix, cause that's what time it was when I started it. Anyway, this ones got some more traditional stuff in it, at least techno-wise. Hope you enjoy. -Cooper


There's kind of a new song up. It's not so much a song, it's more like a bunch of ridiculousness mixed together from a cloud of nothingness. If that makes any sense. Anyways, it's funny to us, hopefully you'll find if funny too. It's called Warcraft, cannibalism, and beatboxin' so check it out.


Hey what's up, new song up. There are some words to it, but the words aren't finished, so they didn't make it into the track, they are listed in the lyrics though. Kinda comical, I think you'll like it. Anyways, I've got three more partials I'm workin' on, so stop by later to see if they're out yet. Later peeps.


It's been a while, I know, but I've added a new demo for you guys. There's no words yet obviously, but it's getting there and that's the style of music we're moving towards. It's kinda a blend of our two bands style wise anyways, hope you enjoy it, and as always, thanks for stoppin' by.


New song. This one's called "Trip to the Corner Store". It's kinda got a spacey sound to it and goes along with the whole theme thing. Anyways, that's all for now. Later peeps.


Ok, so it's been a while since we've updated, so here's a new song for you guys. This one's called "I Love Lamp" and has everything to do with them. Not really, but anyways, just thought I'd give you guys some new stuff. Later.


Alrighty then, the new version of attilito is up. It was an early mix of the song and people liked it so it's been added. Anyways we're also going to add a pic of the week section, so for those of you into photography, you can send pictures to cooper04@gmail.com with the subject pic of the week. It can be anything that looks cool or interesting, is appropriate for all ages, and it'll help if it's something that is rarely seen or unique (such as random runaway karts knocking over handicapped signs). Those will be posted on Sundays starting Oct. 01, so get to snappin' people. Ok, so I'm out.


Hello everyone, this is Cooper again, there is a new song up called seven. None of the songs that are up so far are actually finished, but they're getting there. Thanks for checking out the site. Keep listening.


New pictures up, no new music as of yet, we're workin' on it though.


What's up everyone. This is cooper just stoppin' in to get the new site up and running. Hope you enjoy the music.


About GS:

Galactica Spectacula began as a side project of members from FewLeftStanding. We needed something to do on days that we couldn't get everyone together, so we turned to our computers for inspiration in writing new sounds. This is the product of that side project. The whole thing actually began in the back of the car when Jon and Jered started to freestyle about things we saw while driving. While there is no rap in the music, the whole thing is still rediculous and unlike anything else.



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    love youuuuuuuuuuu!! you just combined two of my fav genres: christian and techno!! omgg Dec 10
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    Ow my brian? i think i love the songs u make Aug 28


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