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Genres: Christian / Acoustic / Other

Location: Columbus, OH

Stats: 67 fans / 16,359 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Jered-Guitar/Bass/Vocals

About Us:

Hey everyone, FewLeftStanding is a christian rock group based out of Columbus, Ohio. Our goal is simple, it's to send out a possitive message by telling others what's in our hearts. We all like most styles of music from rock to rap to techno and so forth, so you can expect to hear a little bit of all of those styles in our upcoming songs. At the moment, most of our songs are acoustic, but I feel that will change once we get a handle on our recording. We like to update the site often, so check back soon.


New sample is now up, that song is called interference and the full song should be up in a couple of days. Also, the Galactica Spectacula purevolume site is up, so head over to www.purevolume.com/galacticaspectacula to hear some sweet techno beats. Thanks everyone, see ya later. -Cooper

Hey everyone, just stoppin' by to tell you that there's a new song up from our side project called Galactica Spectacula. It's kind of our everything else group and will include videos, music, photography and games. Also, we will be starting up worship services on the last Sunday of September at Shepherd Nazarene, so anyone in the Columbus area can come down and worship with us. That'll be on Sundays starting at 6:00PM. See ya.

Things are gonna be a little slow around here for a while. For those of you who don't know, our best friend and guitarist Jered Pyles passed away yesterday. Jered and his friend were celebrating their last days of school. They were at Alum Creek Park looking for a camp site for the weekend and tried to cross the creek and Jered drowned. This accident was a terrible tragedy that is affecting us all. Please pray for his family and friends as our hearts are broken. We will miss you Jered. We love you.

Hey everyone, just stopping by to tell you that there will be a new demo coming out either this week or next, and hopefully one from our side project also. I'll keep you posted on both. Later guys.

Well,we finally made it.We have over 10,000 plays and it's all thanks to you.Thanks for listening and supporting us,keep it up.

So, we felt it was time to put up a new song, and keep you guys updated. This is still with the old recording equipment, so be patient with the quality. The song is called Throwing it all away, and it's about some of the ways I saw people falling throughout high school. I realized that it was partially my fault for not trying to help any of them, so I wrote this song to show a sign of hope and a sign of faith that I'll be there to help people from now on. Enjoy, and as always, check back soon and often. Thanks.

Hey everyone, we just wanted to thank everyone for listening and getting us to 9,000 plays, we also passed up 900 downloads earlier this week. Right now we are trying to upgrade our recording equipment, so we will definitely have some new updates within the next couple of weeks or so. Keep listening, and leave some comments, so we know what you guys like, and what you don't like. Thanks again. -The Band

Added a new demo for all of the rock fans out there, we'll try to finish that song up in the near future and possibly get that one on the radio here in Columbus. Anyways, expect more stuff soon. Thanks for listening.

Junior Mint was updated today, still needs some filler and stuff, but it's mostly done now. I think you'll like it so there. Thanks for stopping by, you stay classy San Diego.

So after you listen to The Bologna Song, it's ok to laugh. That is a song that came out of not being able to think of any lyrics and just going with what came to mind. Obviously it was lunch time. Anyways, the music from The Bologna Song would later be turned into what you hear in Retire The Lies, so that would explain the similarities.

Added an "Older" song to the list, this one was written a while ago, still no words, but we like it. More older songs will be added later, revamped of course, but old none the less.

Just for the record. Yes, there was a band named Few Left Standing before us. No, we did not steal the name. We've never heard of them before someone e-mailed us and asked us if we were the same band. So just to clear that up, two different bands both with the same name, it's really not that uncommon.

Hello again, Just wanted to remind everone that there are now four new songs up (just in case the player hasn't loaded or something), so check those out, they cover a wide range of genres and there is more to come soon, so come back and visit some time.



Jered Pyles - Ok well I'm the youngest in the band at 17(soon to be 18), and I'm a junior in high school.I play guitar and a little bass when needed, and share in the fun that is writing our songs.I also started playing guitar in '03,but i was playing bass close to three years before that.When I'm not playing guitar I play football and run track.

Brian Cooper - Hey everyone, I'm the oldest of the group at 19. I play guitar and piano and produce for the band, I also do a little bit of singing. I started out on the piano in like 2000 or something like that, then started playing guitar sometime in 2003 and I've really tried developing my talents towards writing music and not just playing it. The end result is this band, though it's no where close to its end. Aside from music, I like to bowl, hang out, and play games.

Tom Holliday - Coming Soon

Brandon Cummings - Coming Soon


  • ♥Vivy♥ {DeathByTeacup} said:
    I like it =] Dec 10
  • viabloodstream said:
    sounds pretty good and i like GS a lot too. Nov 30
  • said:
    you guys are pretty good. Sep 07
  • Satellite54 said:
    i love the bologna song. i recently saw a commercial for oscar mayer that asked if you could sing the jingle. i was thinking that u should submit the bologna song to them lol Jun 09
  • Emma_Lea said:
    I want to put something together for jered -- a show or something and i need your help superemma841 on im please Jun 05
  • KDV said:
    I\'m sorry for your loss. John 14 I will be praying for you all. Jun 02
  • FewLeftStandingFan4Life said:
    Jered Pyles = The Man!!! Jun 02
  • illira said:
    i\'m gonna miss u jered. u were such a great guy and you always made everything more fun. love you man. Jun 01
  • I'm a pretty slim jim man! said:
    Dude! Sweetness, its good to see some people from columbus ohio here... kep it up, and ROCK FOR JESUS!!!!! HA ha ha.... May 11
  • c(^$ry&in#gvi**ole@@tte>a(*&$r,s said:
    hmm. i like what i hear. u guys are one of those few bands that dont freek out that i like. keep up the good music. Mar 31

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