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Faithful And True

April 27, 2011. Faithful&True + Sleeping Giant!


Genres: Christian / Death Metal / Metalcore

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Stats: 42 fans / 5,241 plays / 54 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Alvaro Rojas, Gil Barrientos, Javier Madriz, Alejandro Zamora, Salomon Aymerich

Faithful and True is a ministry borned in 2007 integrated by christians who have accepted Jesus as their lord and savior. We have experienced many maturity changes throughout the years which have thought us to be better. Our vision touching the heart of God and spread his revelation through his word and worship as a conviction exalting him, bringing his love, paternity, truth, and his hope to the nations. Not using empty words but that our testimony and actions speak for themselves through Jesuschrist . We are not perfect, we have defects and weaknesses but we all know that we are stronger every day in Christ. We face battles but with him we have the victory for sure. God is filled of Power that heals all wounds and his grace and mercy sets us free day by day within the reality we live, in this world full of fake ideologies and vanity that only leads to death. The only way to get the truth and the life is Jesus Christ and his blood.This is our call: to be light throughout darkness. This is our life style and attitude about life. This is our purpose: to die to ourselves for the glory of our father God in heaven, and be their instruments establishing his kingdom of justice on earth.

I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war Revelations 19:11

(we don't have fans your are our family)

Christian Rojas(Booking)
Alvaro Rojas(publicity)



  • Trito said:
    kocham was! Jul 25
  • ZerLevie said:
    Lyrics are in the playlist.. next to '''free mp3.''' ;-) chek it up! Blessings. Mar 28
  • george tuca jr. said:
    i cant undestand the lyrics but good instrumentals.... huh? Feb 15
  • ZerLevie said:
    waiting 4 da news songs!! jeje mae bendiciones. Dec 31
  • ZerLevie said:
    maaaes espero con ansias escuchar las piezas!! cuantas vaaan a meter? maes, soquen, no aguanto xD PURA VIDA BLESS UP! Dec 03
  • ZerLevie said:
    gente, soy de CR y la vdd los agudos de ud(no se su nombre) son rarisimos y super cool.. (( se reirian de mi descripcion de sus gritos ..)) maes, dnd está su ministerio?? P.D: escucho todo lo ___core excepto porncore xq de eso no hay cristiano.. y Unblack metal, ... electro y tecktonik tmb =3 en fin Bendiciones a todos!! Oct 27
  • Jeremiah - Blood Red Ink said:
    You guys sound more like Black Metal but either way ya'll sound amazing! I'm psyched about your music. Keep up the good work and God Bless. Oct 03
  • grimtutor said:
    your drummer rides the horse! good techniques :] Sep 07
  • sabaksumbadakam said:
    you guys are fuckin sick! amazing tunes brah! God bless! Aug 28
  • Viridiana said:
    love the screaming and ive been listening to christian music bands and so far this one sounds good Aug 20
  • ryley nortrup said:
    u guys r fuckin crazy!!!!! Aug 19
  • Denisse Gomez said:
    woow:D you're so damn amazing! Aug 19


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