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Estimated Life


Genres: Screamo / Post Hardcore

Location: Dardenne, MO

Stats: 1 fans / 65 plays / 12 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Nick Brown - Lead Screams, Darren Emge - Lead Singer/Guitar, Dustin McGuire - Keyboard, Kyle Almeling - Bass, Josh Duello - Drums

Estimated Life brings a group of close friends together with the same passion, MUSIC. With each member bringing their own thoughts, goals, and determination to the band, Estimated Life has that unique sound and charisma that the new rock fan base is looking for.

It all started with a dream, a pen, and some paper. Nick Brown (lead screams) has been writing songs ever since he could remember. Eventhough, Estimated Life is new of last year (2007) Nick has always had it in his heart. His drive and passion has brought the band to where they are today.

Estimated Life has that sound that will make your ears bleed and scream for more. From the amazing silky smooth voice of Darren Emge (also playing guitar) and the enchanting extreme screams from Nick Brown to the collaboration of the sounds coming from Kyle Almeling's bass guitar, Dustin McGuire's keyboard, and Josh Duello's drum set, you will never listen to hard rock music the same, ever again!

PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR MUSIC TO BE POSTED! As for now, click the album pictures to check out all the lyrics to our songs! We would love to hear your comments! We like to comment back as well beacuse its all about the fans!


Rock on,
estimated life




Sep 09, 2009

A Promise is A Promise

Jun 17, 2009