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Cherry S/T


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Electronic

Location: Danvers, MA

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4 tracks

Members: Bob, Dan, Denis, Jay, and Deuce

When Bob, Dan, Denis, Jay and John came together, the magic was instantaneous and Cherry S/T was born. As childhood friends since the age of 14 growing up on Cherry Street in Boston, they created far more than your average garage band. The creativity of these five performers has brought forth a unique rock style with charismatic lyrics of heartbreak, betrayal and adolescent gusto that can not be disregarded.

At the age of 17, CHERRY S/T played their first live show in Manchester, New Hampshire, with the likes of Sevendust and Filter. This performance left a lasting impression on the Boston/New England rock scene. A new young band sporting charisma and unmatched showmanship had arrived. Cherry S/T quickly garnered a loyal following that rivaled other bands with more than 10 years experience.

Later that year, CHERRY S/T recorded its first demo with only two songs and the bands local fame was on the rise as one of Bostons hottest new bands. With an immediate appearance on WAAFs Wednesday night show with Jay Ferrara, there was instant demand for more CHERRY S/T music. Subsequently, Cherry S/T followed up the demo with an independent album, Sleepwalkers, and several follow-up radio appearances on WAAF/Boston along with a local touring and press schedule.

In 2005, CHERRY S/T released their second album, Disown the World, to critical acclaim. CHERRY S/T continued their stampede through the local music scene while gaining ground on a national level. With consistent airplay on major Boston area radio stations combined with consistent touring and performances opening for major label artists including RA, Chevelle, Spineshank, Quiet Riot and Nonpoint.

In 2006, Cherry S/T headed into the infamous Factory Studios in Vancouver B.C. to record the album that would help them achieve the next level of artistry. With the help of Canadian producer/mixer Dale Penner (Nickelback, Econoline Crush), they released their third album Nova Sonic. After the release of Nova Sonic, the CHERRY S/T fan base grew beyond the New England rock scene. The band now had a reputation centered on an incredible live show capable of drawing huge crowds at some of Bostons well known venues such as The Avalon, The Roxy and The Middle East. The album Nova Sonic has been licensed repeatedly by ESPN and MTV along with other independent films and television shows.

With a new album released in December of 2007 titled, A Diary to Burn By, CHERRY S/T is actively promoting its new music with a nationwide tour beginning January of 2008.


  • Lantz Boyles said:
    cherry shit emo skum Jun 16
  • Decode said:
    i saw you guys at the sad cafe the other night and you were AWESOME. you stopped my heart for a moment. it was really quite beautiful. thank you. Mar 01
  • abbeyrose said:
    you guys are great! Jul 01
  • Evan =D said:
    awesome music =] you guys should put up let it go Jul 01
  • SporadicStaticAddict said:
    Beautiful guys! These are all great songs! Nov 18

A Diary to Burn By

Dec 22, 2007

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