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Angelas Dish


Genres: Rock / Indie / Soul

Location: Sydney, Australia

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Members: Michael Harris, Joshua Harris, Peter Clarke, Scott Mitchell


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Angelas Dish is in no rush. Make no mistake, they intend to be here for the long haul. With a catalogue of three EPs under their belt, the long awaited debut LP, War On Time lives up to its name as the band antagonises the digital generations obsession with The Single by meticulously creating a stunning narrative whole. An album, in its most stark form.
Originally from Central Coast, NSW, the brotherly song writing duo Michael and Joshua Harris. I remember holding a guitar when I was about 13, knowing nothing and being incredibly frustrated, explains lead guitarist Michael. I just wanted to play, you know?. Years later, recruiting Peter Clarke and Scott Mitchell, Angelas Dish was born. It was a juggernaut that quickly gained momentum on the coast. Playing an epic melodic-rock sound in the vein of Jimmy Eat World, the band was hailed for its intense, endearing chord progressions and memorable melodies, leading to back to back touring which has earned them a solid fan base.
The albums theme of time infiltrates every aspect of its production. Working with ARIA Producer of the Year David Nicholas (Elton John, INXS, Midnight Oil) as well as US Producer Mark Needham (The Killers, My Chemical Romance), the band underwent an intense, fine-tuned recording process. 15+ hour days saw the band meticulously craft the stunning rock record, obsessing over every second of the long player.
The album follows the successful release of lead-single Soft November, a driving, eclectic track that debuted at #1 on the AIR charts and peaked at #1 on Channel [V]s most requested clips. Angeals Dish also made a considerable impact online, earning #4 in the Myspace Most Watched Videos of 2007, with over two million views.
War On Time offers an endearing theme, its narrative freely moving through the timeline of a modern romance. Piano Song is an epic ballad that screams a stubborn defiance of time and inevitability. The honest conviction in Harris vocals define the track: I just wanna fight, I just wanna stay/I just wanna break whatevers in my way, whilst YeahBut Not Tonight hints at a slightly lighter post-rock sound with its charming, bare-bones hook. War On Time is a tight, natural record that the band was determined to recreate live.
War On Time isnt about singles, or short term fandom. Its a rock album, top to bottom. Theres just this thought that maybe we are the last generation of bands thatll be able to make records, reflects Harris. We wanted every single song to have its placewe mustve listened to every different track combination possible. It wasnt about three, four singles selling the rest of them. Added his brother.
We're a rock band...


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Jul 17, 2006

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Oct 27, 1999

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