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Altered Addiction


Genres: Grunge / Metal / Punk

Location: Buechel, KY

Stats: 40 fans / 8,968 plays / 1,348 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Michael Anthony King - vocals, guitar; Matt Crowley - guitar; Patrick Lee Douglas - bass, vocals; Dave Eged - drums, percussion

Altered Addiction are a Campbellsburg, KY based party band covering the best of the 90's Alt/Rock along with some great Modern & Classic Alt/Pop/Rock favorites.

If you're looking for an energetic fun band that puts on a great show, make sure to come out and see Altered Addiction....You are guaranteed to leave a fan!!


  • Matt Crowley said:
  • Michael said:
    Just hit 10,000 plays for today on @PureVolume thanks to all of you wonderful listeners. Keep them coming! :) we love you all Nov 06
  • Michael said:
    We hit 10,000 song plays @ PureVolume.com today! Nov 06
  • Sophia said:
    Its awesome Jun 25
  • kkk said:
    hail fucking Satan you nigger lovers. Jun 20
  • 502 said:
    I remember listening to this on my ipod, in the high Utah mountains, camping alone, almost freezing to death. Desperate and powerless...I made my way back. Jun 20
  • N/A said:
    So much awesomeness!! Jun 20
  • ^v^ said:
    the thirteenth step is quite another descension.... Jun 20
  • Z0H0E :) said:
    always at the top of my music playlist!!! MICHAEL Jun 20
  • sequitur said:
    13th step=relapse Jun 20
  • putona said:
    And regardless of how it started, eventually the idea of starting something big came to be or we wouldn't have AA. And just Google "Founder of AA and LSD". Jun 20
  • putona said:
    the founder of AA spoke about LSD and wanted it to be a part of the 12 step program look it up. I believe this is why it is called the 13th step if this album has anything to do with recovering addicts as has been stated. Jun 20
  • putona said:
    I love the concept of recovery and addiction through the album hence the name 13th step because we all want to get a little higher Jun 20
  • Coladitos said:
    not bad Jun 20
  • putona said:
    Awesome Band Jun 20

Let It Go - EP

May 02, 2014


Rayford, TX

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