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Genres: Indie / Emo / Rock

Location: Long Island, NY

Stats: 1,436 fans / 132,381 plays / 69 plays today






Members: Sean Corrigan, Kevin Mundy, Christopher Gey & Robert Granelli


Sean = vox/guitar. 7 ft tall
Kevin = bass/vox. coffee man
Chris = guitar. ivy league
Rob = drums. roof jumper
Timmy = synth/percussion/samples/vox.master computer.

Long Island's 516 area code. it's a good time.

we like to do our own thing with a touch of melody and punch.
we love our friends, family and the music we make.
we want you to press play.
we are scratching the surface.
we are AGU.

*Currently looking for a Label to call home.*



Love our AGUnit crew wherever you may be...




  • Tina Mass said:
    Big Fan Here Apr 14
  • JustAMistake said:
    WOW now you are good (Y) Apr 29
  • Gonza said:
    What’s up! We are Ashlee and we’d like you to listen to our music! Hope you like it! :) http://www.purevolume.com/ashleemusic Thanks! Oct 29
  • Mendygoow said:
    Check This Out!!! www.purevolume.com/panicskyfell Metalcore/eletronica Follow: @panicskyfell Sep 21
  • bruccinnim said:
    Check out www.purevolume.com/bruccinni May 23
  • Jugonz said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/sugarfreeakashug Apr 05
  • 99Colours said:
    seriously the vocals is 7 FOOT TALL?!?! :O.. Feb 22
  • Colby from The Genre Theory said:
    Hey everyone. I'm Colby. Just Joined Purevolume.. I'm a one man band out of PA who does electronica music. Check out my profile... www.purevolume.com/thegenretheory Feb 04
  • Andrew Riley said:
    Check out my profile if you want to. It's acoustic/indie stuff. (: http://purevolume.com/afinalsentiment Jan 16
  • Remifasol said:
    The Algorithm [MATHCORE.ELECTRONIC.PROGRESSIVE] : http://www.purevolume.com/TheAlgorithm Jan 11
  • Jonny Waffle said:
    Hey, we're The Radioflyer! You guys should check us out at purevolume.com/theradioflyer. Download our free EP, or add us and just stop by for a listen :) Jan 05
  • Pyter'" said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/daysofpain Dec 29
  • Pyter'" said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/daysofpain Dec 29
  • I Am Heavy Weapons Guy said:
    best friend's profile >>> www.purevolume.com/HelloJordan (helping him spread the word. haha.) Dec 21
  • I Am Heavy Weapons Guy said:
    best friend's profile >>> www.purevolume.com/HelloJordan (helping him spread the word. haha.) Dec 21

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