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Alexa Wilkinson


Genres: Alternative / Pop / Folk Rock

Location: West Hollywood, CA

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Members: Alexa Wilkinson: Ben Carter

I don't like formal Bio's. So if you don't mind I'd like to ramble for a bit.
My last name is Wilkinson. I was born in Cherry Hill, NJ but moved to Park City, Utah when I was 12 years old. I first got into music because of a boy. yes that's right. I was about 10 years old and I had myself a little elementary school boyfriend who was taking trumpet lessons. So I decided I would take them too. sadly for him, I got good really fast and he just kind of stayed bad. So I started playing the trumpet in band. Then I asked my dad for a guitar for my birthday when I was 11, he got me one, and the first song I ever learned was "Hotel California" (which my dad taught me). My family was a huge influence on my love for music. My sister who has always been good at finding awesome music taught me everything I know about alternative music. The first tape I remember buying was Nirvana "Nevermind". Anyway, so by age 12 I had come to love everything from Sublime, to Shawn Colvin, to The Eagles. I realized I could sing around 13 when moving to a new state not only spurred new emotions but talents as well in writing. I started writing poetry and fell in love with free form. One day in the shower I think I started humming a tune and turned a poem into a song. Everything pretty much evolved from that moment when I fell even more in love with song writing.

I think a lot of what makes music great is the story behind the artist. All artists have a shared passion for music, but every single person has a different story and a different experience to share. I love to write music, and help others write through things I've experienced. So if any of you want to know what some songs are about don't hesitate to ask. I open up easy when probed...hmmm ;/ The songs that I sing are meant for you. YOU. whatever you feel, or whatever goes through your head when you listen is what it's about.


  • ale2006 said:
    If I buy your albums, do you autograph to me?! =) I Love Your Music! Soooo Much! May 19
  • Jay said:
    looks like Alexa has a new single out! I found it at this cool new music site, www.leepfrog.tv. Apr 15
  • Kiddo00100 said:
    You are Crazy Good! Not to mention Crazy Hot.. lol. Keep up the good work. Sep 06
  • ale2006 said:
    Someday i\'ll create your fan-club hehe.. (= !!! You\'re perfect singer..! Sep 04
  • ISeeYouLooking23 said:
    When Your Sleeping.... One of The Great Songs That Make Me THink Of Everything I want to feel. I Can only Imagine what You Were thinking Of When You Wrote this song. It Seems like there is alot of feeling behind it. I Mean Not To Pry ha I was just wondering what you thought about while writing and singing this Beautiful song. Jun 29
  • katherinegallagher said:
    heyy!! you have an amazing vioce and your music has amazing meoldy!! i was born in cherry hill too =] but i didnt get to move anywhere exciting, still stcuk in NJ haha Jun 29
  • Lo[ck]™ said:
    you have a beautiful voice. You\'re gorgeous. Jun 09
  • Audimae_08 said:
    keep doing awesome girl! I love it! May 24
  • ale2006 said:
    I created a orkut\'s community for you! Alexa Wilkinson - The Best! For your fans! =) http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=31675014 May 02
  • dulcemaria said:
    cool , great! Mar 14
  • thinman said:
    greetings, my band uses this www.scriggleit.com I don\'t think many folks know about it, it\'s free... Thought you might be interested. -keep folkin Feb 25
  • tanacea said:
    My band uses this awesome free service. You might want to check it out. www.scriggleit.com Feb 22
  • 321Danielle said:
    I love Miles Away Feb 18
  • ale2006 said:
    Please, place the music \"When You\'re Sleeping\" for download. It\'s my favourite song! Thank You So Much! Feb 17
  • happycandygirl08 said:
    could u make miles away downloadable, please! that\'s my all time favorite. & i just wanted to say i totally love ur music!!! keep up the fantabulous work! :-D Feb 01

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