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Genres: Hardcore

Location: Fairport, NY

Stats: 54 fans / 2,419 plays / 908 plays today






Members: Gary Baier, Sean Miller, Dan Munier, Eric Pfiefer

Alcatraz is a hardcore band from Fairport, NY.


  • jacobgraves said:
    Impressive Apr 08
  • Sophie Jones said:
    Really fantastic Jan 07
  • JosselinRothschild said:
    Amazeing ! Jun 29
  • astoria141 said:
    We haven\'t been a band for about 4 years and only played 8 shows but we consistent listeners almost everyday and new fans, do people really wanna hear more Alcatraz? haha Jan 29
  • astoria141 said:
    ATTN: ALL LISTENERS. This band has been broken up for about 3 years now, yet we still get plays about everyday, from people we don\'t know. Please leave a comment if you listen on what you like, how you found us, how often you listen, if you would attend a show if we played again, or just anything. Thanks, -Alcatraz Aug 14


No release date

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