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A Day Behind (Pa)


Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Emo

Location: Glen Mills, PA

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4 tracks

Members: Randy, Mike, Liz & Steve

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BATTLE OF THE BANDS AT GARNET VALLEY HIGHSCHOOL IS COMING UP!! hopefully we'll get in and if we do, we need your support!!! we'll update you when it will be and we expect everyone in the are to come and see us!!!! :)'

// ALL 3 NEW DEMOS ARE UP! they'll be submitted to the contest we're entering soon and hopefully we'll win...it's an amazing first prize. please give us your feedback and tell what you think of the new demos. thanks :) //

// We finally hit it...The big ONE-TRIPLE-ZERO!! (1000 plays for you losers who dont know what the big one triple zero is) haha. Yeah that's right, 1000 plays and counting. Keep em' coming!! Thanks for all of your support...we're hoping to get a pro account soon so we can throw some more songs up. SO THANKS!! //

We are A Day Behind. We're working on getting everything recorded. We have alot of material and not much time to record it all. We'll get it all finished soon. Until then...Enjoy.

/// Hopefully you guys listening like our stuff. If you could, leave us a comment, email, or I.M us on our screen names. We'd really like to hear from you. (Or better yet BECOME OUR FAN! haha) ///

Have a show you'd like us to do? Email us at randyc_4@hotmail.com

Mike - torn41303
Liz - cowgirlcutie895
Randy - wakingashland4
Steve - Jack8PumpkinKing



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United States


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2006 New York City plane crash, United States

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