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Tori Blake "Into U"


Added Oct 29, 2010



Comments (8)

  • KaTeLyNn JuLeS said:
    i love her too!she is beautiful!and shes a awesome singer! Jun 29
  • Sara Simpson said:
    i love her she's beautiful and talented btw add me up i need buddies Jun 18
  • Riley :D said:
    She's beautiful! May 03
  • Amelia Sweet Heart said:
    i dont see it really katy perry maybe the voice is similar but not the material Mar 30
  • Derl P said:
    One lucky geek! Jan 02
  • Ansofietje said:
    reminds me of Katy Perry, but it's good :) Dec 02
  • Oscar559 said:
    same here bro i think ima dress like tht for a week an see what happens if it doesnt work out as planned i can always send tori blake a picture of me in a pocket protector and thick rimmed glasses an hope she comes lol Dec 01
  • ScottieRamone said:
    this video makes me want to wear a pocket protector and thick rimmed glasses. Dec 01