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Sleepwalker Dining Pro


Genres: Emo / Screamo / Post Hardcore

Location: Royal Plm Bch, FL

Stats: 1,693 fans / 303,888 plays / 48 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Dan, Justin, Skyler, Jesse

We are looking for a singer! Check the blog! More coming soon!


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  • Miike56 said:
    Check out purevolume.com/BeforeLost for Hardcore/Screamo/Punk music :) Jan 30
  • S. Dotson said:
    i sing. Jun 30
  • rosesforthedead777 said:
    Give these guys a listen! http://www.purevolume.com/switchbladesforsweethearts Apr 14
  • Nikko said:
    it'll be a lot better with the vocals... still, effin' awesome... Dec 16
  • alfred skyler said:
    nice, i really missed greeneyes when you were still mason Dec 14
  • alfred skyler said:
    i know that this would be the same as others but dude what the hell happened to mason..? Dec 14
  • TubOfCereal said:
    dont you guys hav a myspace? Dec 07
  • Keithleen said:
    nice music but wher's d vocals? Aug 01
  • ROCKINDIE21 said:
    SLEEPWALKER DINING ROCKS !....Peace and Success 4 ever !....LUIS * May 10
  • Lippe |defenestrates| said:
    Oh man. that sucks! I saw my fav bands and I was lkike wtf, what's this? Feb 15
  • itsdaniel_ukno_thedrill said:
    yup mason's lead singer flew the coop!!! I kno some of u guys r like wtf??? wheres mason??? but I guess u could say they broke up yea, dude, bummer!!! Feb 11
  • Missa-xxWE'RExxALLxxBORNxxTOxxDIExx. said:
    nice. Jan 17
  • Screamopierre said:
    hey guys what happen with mason?????I luv Tricks are for kids!!!! Nov 14
  • EmilyElectroKid said:
    AWESOME. Oct 20

2008 Demo Clips

Jul 30, 2008

Sam Cross


Soren Turner

Liverpool, United Kingdom




Derby, United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom

Martyn Foster

Liverpool, United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom

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