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Olive is a Filipino band from Tagbilaran City


Genres: Southern Rock / Alternative / Indie

Location: Philippines

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4 tracks

Members: Daryll Murcia Oganiza on the drums, Alondra Salado Buschel as the vocalist, Aldwin Alas vocals, Neil Crusit on the bass, Regie Macalolot with the guitar, Boiser, Reynold Iroy on keyboards with their director of operations Boiser, Lenjun M.

Olive(band) was formed in 2010. The name of the band was taken from Olive plant-a species of small tree in the family Oleaceae, native to the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Basin as well as northern Iraq, and northern Iran at the south of the Caspian Sea. The band decided to use the word “Olive” as a band to make it as their name because of Biblical reasons. One the reason is the attachment of the band to Alburquerque Christian Church as regular players of the Church. Olive is used in the Bible as instrument to ordained kings, prophets, disciples, etc. and also a symbol of unique Christian peace. They listed several Biblical names and when they were about to perform, eventually choosing "Olive" and adding “band” on the list. They were signed to OPM2Go.com as of 2013 – 2016.
Olive(band) is a Filipino band from Tagbilaran City, Philippines. Way back in 2010, the band's line-up has consisted of Alondra Salado Bushel (vocals, guitar), Regie Macalolot (guitar), Neil Crusit (bass), Lenjun M. Boiser (keyboardist, manager) The band's current drummer is Daryl Murcia Oganiza, who has been with the band since 2011.

One of the prominent local band from the province of Bohol. They were from Alburquerque, Bohol. Their hit song "WORDS" is the official grad. song of San Roque High School(2010-2011) followed by “Grace like Rain” (2012-2013). This song “words” was the top of the Local Top 5 Countdown in Kiss FM 102.3's segment, Cyrus D' Virus and Sean By The Way's segment for the year 2012. Their song "FLY HIGH" was used as grad. song of Tabalong National High School Yearender for 2008. Other hit songs include "Kabataan' Kanta," "Tropa," and "My All" conquered the airwaves of Bohol's KISS FM, and of other areas within the Visayas Region. Olive Band will release their self-produced, self-titled album hopefully on October, 2013 in Bohol. Last 2012, they were invited to play at Theos Bar, San Roque High School at 40, Kiss FM 102.3 Local Vocal, Alburquerque Christian Workers Fellowship, and University of Bohol.

WORDS! (2010)[edit]
Olive(band)'s debut album suffered distribution problems due to the lack of support from major record companies. Later in the year, their first single "Words" was released and signed by OPM2GO inc.. The following singles from the album included "Kabataan’g Kanta", “Mahal Kita”, and “Iibig Muli”. Although only a modest success at the time, the album managed to earn the band some degree of notoriety within Tagbilaran City. Birth is raw and heavy, with obvious influences of Imago, Moonstar88 and other OPM girl vocalist rock bands. Though the album's production quality was rough, it has been recorded only in a garage studio, but since then it developed and grow matured. With the release of their first effort, WORDS (OPM2GO.com), Olive(band) took on a new form, changing their sound with a new drummer (From Michael Espiritu to Daryl Murcia Oganiza). Michael continued to record tracks with band, but left sometime in 2012 when he decided to leave for working reasons. The band then recruited Daryl Murcia Oganiza. It was the sound in this album that clearly defined the steps that Oliveband would start to take. WORDS includes radio-released singles such as “Fly High” and, their most famous release to date, “Words”, which won the award as Best Song of the Week in the 102.3 Kiss FM Loud N; Local 2012. They also released a single called “Iibig Muli”. They dedicate this song to a friend Andrew Fabio (Who wrote the lyrics of the song).
During this time, the band also experienced the problems brought by member’s attitudes problem as guitarist Regie Macalolot was decided to get out of the band. Although not in good terms, amidst the dilemma, Oliveband enlisted guitarist Mhel Israel Jubac & Aldwin Alas to fill in for Regie, who was still active with the band despite the circumstances. Regie recovered in less than a year and even went on to record the song "Grace Like Rain" as the Graduation song of San Roque National High School 2013.




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