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Added Feb 24, 2010

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Comments (19)

  • Maggie! said:
    so perfect everything. Oct 02
  • BrittanyxD said:
    ♥ :D Aug 01
  • ____. said:
    pure beauty. Jul 06
  • !bella said:
    beastly Apr 13
  • GABii said:
    amazing voice. :) i love it. Mar 15
  • michaelcozzx said:
    Jonny you're the man Mar 04
  • Leedya Craig said:
    jonny is the big thing ! Feb 28
  • malcanirel said:
    his voice gives me chills Feb 27
  • Brandyn :) said:
    Really? I mean really? What the hell, never base an artist on a single song or even album... everything from ghost runner on third to his solo work is phenomenal. Listen to buried_above and check out some dgd or emarosa then you will see that mr. craig here is an excellent vocalist and very diverse in the way he uses his voice. this by far is the most mellowed out i've personally have heard him. March 9 = Isles and Glaciers! dont miss out on craig owens and jonny craig tear it up Feb 27
  • Val Pancakes said:
    I always heard you were a bad ass. This sounds like bitch music. Not that it's bad. Just not at all what I expected. Feb 26
  • drmanhattan said:
    Most beautiful voice I've ever heard. Feb 25
  • emmaface(: said:
    So simple; stunning. Feb 25
  • imaris said:
    She will know... she will know. Love always. Feb 25
  • rose said:
    jonny craig. you never stop amazing me. Feb 25
  • katrinalmoreno said:
    Wow, beautiful voice Feb 25