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Summer Love EP


Genres: Metalcore / Trance / Death Metal

Location: Norfolk, VA

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4 tracks

Members: Hangman Joe; guitar, bass, FX, drums, backup vocals. DUSTIN HELL; vocals, FX

The joe socks experiment consists of two warped and twisted beings, myself (Hangman Joe) and Dustin Hell. The two of us play every instrument and record our creations using no outside help, maybe the occasional recording software. This music is to be perceived on a higher level or alternate state of mind, as that was how it was made in the first place. We are in the beginning phase of recording, hence the poor audio quality of some tracks, but it is the raw essence of what death trance should be. "Death trance?" you may say, yes.... We made it up....and that's what makes it pure and worthy of exposing to the world. This is not just music made by a couple of assholes. It is a message we will carry into the dawn of this new age. The time of change is among us and we will continue to write the anthems to the society of the reborn regardless of followers supporting us. If they cannot hear us now they will hear us when the bombs fall from the sky like rain.

Enjoy the sounds of the revolution. Love always,

Hang Man Joe and Dustin Hell
- The Joe Socks Experience-


  • Nasa T. Voler said:
    The FX on this EP kick ass, no one can deny that. But I think the guitar tone will separate the boys from the men. The first time I heard JSX I killed my family. The second time I heard JSX I killed myself. May 07
  • Nasa T. Voler said:
    The death trance style is most successful when you stop thinking about it. Suddenly it's like you're being dragged to a dark place. Feb 16


Jul 04, 2011

Experimental Hate

Jan 10, 2011

Joe Socks

Oct 31, 1911

Summer Love EP

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