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J. M. Smig

NIEN: A SCHIZOSPECTIVE, 2009-2018 out now!


Genres: Progressive / Electronic / Other

Location: Salem, MA

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4 tracks

Lounge music from the Vatican gay bar.

BLOOD ON THE DILDO: limited edition Boston Pride 2018 compilation. There are still a few numbered discs available for purchase at Bandcamp.

SOPHISTICATED SCHIZOPHRENIC RECORDS presents a new retrospective album from J. M. SMIG


The miserable prick is still at it. The self-proclaimed composer of "lounge music from the Vatican gay bar" for his fellow "sophisticated schizophrenics, murderous nerds and other assorted deviants" doesn't know when to give it up and go home.

Actually, he does but he just doesn't give a fuck. He's in this for the right reasons. Ascending a childhood of toughing it out in the government projects of the Witch City, overcoming addictions to alcohol and raw cookie dough, and even managing to work in a government science facility without a college degree, wearing a white coat instead of the janitor's Dickies (for eight fuckin' years!), all the while crafting sonic soliloquies that Electronic Musician would praise in its weekly newsletter as "contemporary music for the bizarre at heart". J. M. Smig has constantly confounded the upper crustaceans of his community, including the Berklee elves of the music world.

April 11 marks the ninth anniversary of the release of his first album, the electroclassical Music For Sophisticated Schizophrenics, and he's celebrating with an anniversary reissue that will include both remastered and reimagined versions of the original tracks. While all you Wesley Willises of the avant-garde world drool in anticipation, you can enjoy the "schizospective" entitled "NIEN", a handpicked, 99-minute collection of 22 tracks from his back catalog. Listen or don't. He don't care. He's not into reverse psychology. No lie. Really.

NIEN includes:

- Classic singalongs such as "Pickle Park Polka" and "Kentucky Valentine"

- Selected tracks from the pending 9th anniversary reissue of MUSIC FOR SOPHISTICATED SCHIZOPHRENICS (remastered and expanded, coming April 11)

- The latest single "Kwanzaa Lady"

- Selections from the recent album release MANOFGOD, the album that killed Bernard Law.


'Unapologetically strange and jarring...a captivating and enigmatic soundscape of obscure lounge music that will set your five senses alight.'
(Brandon Minia, 24OurMusic)

'...[A] restless compositional philosophy that will not resonate with listeners expecting concise, neatly packaged musical content.'
(Evan Crandell, 24OurMusic)

'...[C]ontemporary music for the bizarre at heart. Featuring both conventional and atypical instrumentation and composition techniques, [his] electronica and classical works operate in a style unlike any other. Songs present everything from momentous, Philip Glass-like sweeps to old-school MIDI music and Baroque-era voice leading and structure. For J.M. Smig, anything goes!'
(Electronic Musician newsletter)



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