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J. M. Smig

Kickstarter: Electronica Moronica CD pressing


Genres: Progressive / Electronic / Other

Location: Salem, MA

Stats: 61 fans / 1,720 plays / 1,710 plays today





4 tracks

"PROFESSIONAL STATIC": THE ALBUM - OUT 10/12/17! Includes previously released singles "Professional Static" and "Teresa" plus a bunch of new tracks. Pre-order for only $4 unless you're a cheap fuck!

ELECTRONICA MORONICA limited edition CD pressing Pledge $8 or more and receive a signed CD customized with the derogatory remark of your choice.

Lounge music from the Vatican gay bar.
'Unapologetically strange and jarring...a captivating and enigmatic soundscape of obscure lounge music that will set your five senses alight.'
(Brandon Minia, 24OurMusic)

'...[A] restless compositional philosophy that will not resonate with listeners expecting concise, neatly packaged musical content.'
(Evan Crandell, 24OurMusic)

'...[C]ontemporary music for the bizarre at heart. Featuring both conventional and atypical instrumentation and composition techniques, [his] electronica and classical works operate in a style unlike any other. Songs present everything from momentous, Philip Glass-like sweeps to old-school MIDI music and Baroque-era voice leading and structure. For J.M. Smig, anything goes!'
(Electronic Musician newsletter)