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Comments (31)

  • shopping said:
    niceeee Nov 09
  • iamthedarkness said:
    there is a missing song, light a way is not on here. thats like ome of my fav. oh and their version of house of the rising sun. i know where u can buy this here is the link; http://heiswe.bandcamp.com/album/old-demos its were i got it :D i absolutley love this badn to pieces!! Mar 01
  • Christen said:
    This album is amazing. Nov 03
  • Catherine said:
    i dont know what i would do without he is we Aug 11
  • Morgan said:
    These songs are simply astonishing. Every single song on this album i fell in love with. You are both incredibly talented and we are all definitely blessed to be able to listen to your voice. Thank you tons for putting these amazing songs out, they have really helped me through some rough times. Jul 13
  • becca :P said:
    i'll always love these more than any of the new stuff (although it's all amazing) (: Jun 07
  • jaylen said:
    old demos are still my favorites. Apr 02
  • Brittany said:
    Feb 05
  • Kelly said:
    my favorites: pur me out, radio, i wouldn't mind Sep 10
  • tori said:
    amazzinggg Jul 10
  • SaBrInA said:
    i love these songs Jun 23
  • Elaine said:
    What a beautiful voice May 13
  • Silent Xave said:
    stuttered =) May 11
  • ✖ Thomas Wilson said:
    Jess, you can get it here: http://heiswe.bandcamp.com/ :D May 04
  • Jess said:
    ohh myy goodneess this music is bloody amazingg, is there anyway I can get it?? like for my I-pod...sorry if im being a little monster and asking for too much. But honestly its been so long since I've heard somthing this good! :) Mar 30