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Camdin Quinn

some new photos up...take a look


Genres: Acoustic / Electronic / Pop

Location: Flowerfield, IL

Stats: 37 fans / 950 plays / 15 plays today






Members: Ryan Schutz - Kyle Schutz - BOOYAAH

Leave some feed back. More comments, the better :)

12.12.11 - So...couple changes...LP is still going to be released in January with Catfish Productions (great guys). Promo Pics are set for this weekend with Pioneer Productions (also, a great group of people to work with) and then we are going to have some YouTube videos up really soon. It has been a long time coming, but the time is here! Thank you for checking out Camdin Quinn.

I am ready to do what it takes and I NEED your support.

Thank you all! Tell at least 1 person about CQ...make it your good deed for the day :)

Thanks for your support

Please like my new facebook page...more content will be up soon:


  • mike said:
    you should start hanging out with your cousins again bro, by the way sweet profile and logo, awesome music! Dec 02
  • mike said:
    you awesome Dec 02
  • mike said:
    you rock homie. Dec 02
  • Dannea LM said:
    Hey ryan, my name is Dove its nice to meet you:) and life is treating me verey well. Im glad you sent me that message because i think your music is very interesting and amazing, ill be sure to due you that favor and pass on the good word dude. kep up the good work. May 26
  • Deedee said:
    Hey your music sounds great :] thx for the message ^^ May 26
  • Marie said:
    Hey, thanks for messaging me! This is really polished stuff: I love the harmonies and the smooth transitions. Beautiful, plus the lyrics are intelligent. Thank you for that. :) You are both going to have a great future in music. I look forward to seeing your progression. May 23
  • Tayler Davon McElfresh said:
    good stuff (: May 11
  • Taylor Peace said:
    Ok this is like really really good. I'm glad I listened to it. Apr 16
  • Lydia Grace Hamilton said:
    WOW, I love your voice and the music is incredible! i love it , thanks for showing me! Apr 14
  • Laura Jane said:
    This is great, I love your harmonizing vocals, and the guitar is such a good match up. Apr 10
  • MarissaLynn.™ said:
    It sounds good. :) Jan 18
  • Chandra&Abdiel said:
    Awesome music!! :) Jan 17
  • Callie said:
    Like I said Great Music would love to hear m ore keep it up:) Jan 15
  • bccwhl said:
    aww i like Hard to Please :) Jan 15
  • Christina said:
    You guys are good! :) Jan 14

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