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Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / Hardcore

Location: Surrey, BC

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Born April 4th 1988 in the largest black community in Canada, North Preston Nova Scotia,
BenZosa also known as Benz (Jerica Simmons) is a prime example of an artist going
"hard in the paint."
While taking quite an interest in music at a young age, she was also very confident in her skills and abilities on the basketball court.
Along with graduating from high school with honors and many awards from basketball, she also completed two semesters of criminology at St. Mary's University, before realizing her true calling was on a stage with a mic in her hand.
In the early days of BenZosa's music career, she was a member of the Nova Scotian hip-hop group
"Skoshun Tiez" (2005-2009). During that time, "Skoshun Tiez" won 5 African Nova Scotian
Music Awards(ANSMA) including the "Best Group Of The Year" award. The group was also the first
hip-hop group to ever perform televised on the "East Coast Music Awards" (ECMAs).
Since her great accomplishments with "Skoshun Tiez", BenZosa has been recognized by
many as "One of the best lyricists in Canada" and is constantly catching eyes with her smooth
and unique one of a kind style.
In early 2010, BenZosa, her two cousins and good friend created a hip-hop group and label called
"Blue Team Blue". Throughout the last few years BenZosa and "B.T.B" have released a
mixture of great group projects that feature herself and other local artists. She also has a few of her own solo mixtapes including her well known "P.I.F.F: Paid In Full Figures" project
which features such tracks as "Tryna Get Chose" and her very different yet very seductive
"Text Message." BenZosa then decided to put out her first solo album entitled
"G.I. Jerica", which dropped February 23 2011.
Fast forward a year and BenZosa and "B.T.B" are really starting to create a major buzz
in the Canadian music scene. While accumulating more fans everyday with their original beats
and lyrics, they also have those fans dressing in their one of a kind "Blue Team Blue"
attire; including t-shirts, sweat shirts, and ladies tank tops.
Aside from her aspiring music career, BenZosa has also had in interest in drama from a young age.
In early 2011 she appeared in her first short film sponsored by ACTRA. "DWB" (driving while black) is a film that takes a look at how stereotypical police officers can be toward people in the hip-hop culture.
At the very young age of 26, BenZosa has a lot to be proud of and has a very promising
future ahead of her. With her strong love for music and her uncontrollable need to succeed
she feels, as do many others, that there is absolutely nothing that can stop her from rising to the very top.



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